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Why do I have Gout?

You’re in agony, and you don’t know why. You get the tests, and your doctor laughs and says “it’s gout!”

Why me?

Then the garbage hits you. Everyone has an opinion. You’re too fat. You eat the wrong things. You enjoy too much rich living. You’re just like your grandad.

That’s it! The last one. 99 people will tell you trash about gout caused by your lousy eating habits. One person will tell you that gout is genetic. Bad diet is never a good thing. It shortens your life, but it is rarely the cause of gout. If you have a bad diet, it is good to try and make it right, but that is unlikely to stop gout.

Gout is caused by years of high uric acid. It probably started in your 30s, but you never noticed it. The doctors call it asymptomatic hyperuricemia, which simply means high uric acid that does not trouble you. It does not trouble you at first. After a few years, it bites so hard you wonder if someone just ripped your toe off.

So why is your uric acid high?

For most people, it’s like short-sightedness, or the color of your hair. It’s inherited, and you have to accept it.

Sometimes, high uric acid is caused by drugs for other health problems. Usually, there is an alternative treatment that won’t give you gout.

Sometimes, you really are eating too much of the wrong things. If your diet is so bad that it causes gout, other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes are just waiting to happen. Gout is your wake up call to start eating healthy. I can help you do that without stopping your enjoyment of food.

Most times, gout is an hereditary condition. Most times, your kidneys have a genetic defect that prevents excess uric acid passing out of your body. Sometimes, your body produces too much uric acid.

Why Gout Causes Matter Image
Do you know why gout causes matter?

Whatever the reason for your gout, you cannot ignore it. Gout flares come and go, but gout is with you every day. Even when you are not in pain, uric acid crystals are growing and spreading. Your joints are being destroyed, and crystals spread into soft tissues, damaging skin, kidneys, heart and all other organs.

If, like me, you are overweight, read my Gout Diet guidelines, and let me help you fight the fat. Getting down to a healthy weight is not only good for gout, but it will also save you from many other diseases that can ruin your life.

Whatever the reason for your gout, you need to master the pain, and also stop it returning. I have all the information you need in my Gout Treatment guidelines. Learn to stop gout pain, and stop it returning by getting safe uric acid levels.

If your gout is caused by drugs for other health problems, or environmental factors such as toxins, we call this secondary gout. You can learn more in my Gout Symptoms and Causes guidelines.

Whatever the reason for your gout, I am here to help you understand it and control it. Why do you think you have gout?

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