What Is Gout #3 ? The Apple Cider Vinegar Myth

For many years I have tried to produce a comprehensive review of apple cider vinegar for gout. I have finally given up, for a very simple reason.

Despite the high level of interest amongst gout sufferers for ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), there is absolutely no scientific information to say that ACV is good for gout. Having said that, there is no evidence to say it does not work. There is just no information.

The only mentions of apple cider vinegar relating to gout or uric acid, are only acknowledgments that many people believe that ACV helps gout followed by declarations that there is no evidence for this.

I am intrigued that such strong support for the benefits of apple cider vinegar can exist alongside zero evidence, but there are three explanations of how this may happen.
what are explanations for The Apple Cider Vinegar Myth?

Gout Relief Without Medicine

Gout Relief is a list of alternative treatments to relieve gout pain. Specifically, these are gout treatments outside the usual choices of drugs, herbs, or diet.

Gout Relief Audience

I wrote Gout Relief mainly for GoutPal Seekers. However, it predates my reorganization by type of gout sufferer. So, most items will interest other types of gout sufferer. Therefore, you can continue to read Gout Relief. Or, you can find your gout sufferer type in Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016

Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016 is my project to reorganize and clarify my Gout Treatment Guidelines.

My gout treatment guidelines contain all the important facts that affect gout sufferers in general. They describe the wide array of gout treatments available.

I collected those facts when I was researching gout for my own personal needs. By nature, I like to gather facts, then analyze them. This worked very well for me. I was able to understand my choices for gout treatment. I understood that one treatment was never enough. So, I:

  1. Developed my own personal gout treatment plan
  2. Persuaded my doctor to monitor and prescribe accordingly
  3. Controlled my gout

I now live a gout-free life, and I want the same for you.

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Uloric Liver Warnings Prompt Label Change

Uloric (febuxostat) has given new hope for 3 years to many gout patients who have been unable to tolerate allopurinol.

However, a note of caution is necessary for all gout medications.

Members of GoutPal’s gout support forum have been strong advocates of liver and kidney function testing when on uric acid lowering drugs. This caution is now officially recognized in alterations to Uloric label warnings.

We know that uric acid control is a serious intervention. We also know that failure to control uric acid is a sure way to invite kidney damage, joint destruction, and horrendous disfiguration from gouty tophi. Allopurinol has an excellent safety record, despite high-profile cases of severe, even fatal allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome (AHS). Uloric removes the risk of AHS, but that does not make it completely safe.

Before I explain new Uloric safety issues, it is important to put this into context. The risks associated with allopurinol are only ever serious when it has been badly prescribed, and badly monitored. Uloric is no different.

Most people never have any side effects, and can control their gout. Gout control is vital before it progresses to the point where it cripples you or kills you. However, we have to take responsibility when we take uric acid lowering treatment, and make sure we take it safely. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies and doctors have a responsibility to package and prescribe gout medications in the best way to minimize side effects.

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Gout Medication Names: Colchicine

Gout medication names are at the heart of your gout treatment plan.

In my first gout treatment plan template, I took a general approach to gout medication. Therefore, I rarely mentioned specific gout medication names. Now, I am looking more closely at specific gout medications. This is mostly prompted by discussions in the gout forum.

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Gout Medication Names: Colchicine.

The discussion about Long term effects of colchicine is especially relevant. We are discussing colchicine during uric acid lowering.

In my general gout treatment plan, we consider colchicine mainly in Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Colchicine For Gout is best used in conjunction with a uric acid lowering treatment plan. This ensures that colchicine is only used as a short term gout medication. Long term use is generally unsafe, and must be carefully monitored by medical professionals. Therefore, it is best if you are familiar with the principles in Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control.

As you can see, there are many principles to consider in your gout treatment plan. These principles affect every gout patient in different ways. Your doctor should guide you on the principles that apply most to you. That way, you can be sure that the gout medication names that you are using are right for you. I can also help you with gout medication names in the gout forum.

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28 Ways To Control Gout

In 28 Ways To Control Gout I explain key aspects of every good gout treatment plan.

Last week, I completed my first gout treatment template. It is a general template for most gout treatment needs.

I will customize that general template for individual gout patients. That way, every gout patient can have a personal gout treatment plan. It’s the only way to be certain that you are controlling gout safely and effectively.

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28 Ways To Control Gout.

You can use the templates to help manage your gout treatment with your doctor or other health adviser. You can also use them in the gout forum.

I will use discussions from my gout forum to create the extra templates. I will identify common groups of gout patients. You will find it easy to select a template that is nearest your needs. That makes gout control even easier to manage. In the meantime, we can work on what is most important to you. We can find the right ways to start your personal gout treatment plan.

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