Running With Gout – Beware Foot Tendon Damage

Recently, in the gout forum, we have discussed the problems of running on gouty feet.

Michael, in the Running and Gout discussion, complained:

Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with gout it’s been hard for me to run. […] It seems that every time I run on the treadmill or on the track, the next morning my gout will flare up.

Patrick, in Possible gout going over 3 months, asked:

I cannot walk without severe pain. […] Do you think the pain in my big toe is gout, even though the pain only occurs with exercise or long walk? […] Anyone else have similar pain after exercise?

To which Paul, in the same discussion, noted:

I developed some tendonitis in my left arm (likely triggered by overuse on the golf range). This tendinitis recently became more intense as time went on and recently, it came to a point that I could no longer move my arm without excruciating pain, particularity in the elbow and the thumb joints.

Having done some research, I am concluding that the tendonitis has evolved into a gout-related issue

Geoff, in Gout and tendonitis, said:

For years, I have also been very susceptible to tendonitis, especially in my elbows (both sides) and my Achilles tendon. Since my uric acid levels have come down, I have had far fewer tendon problems. I played tennis every day in July without any real pain. The year before, I could not hold a racquet after one day. So, there seems to be a beneficial correlation here.

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