Uric Acid Crystal Formation and Growth

Uric Acid Crystal Formation is my layman’s review of two uric acid studies. So, I list the key points raised by these studies. Then, I examine how you can apply these facts to your own gout control plans.

Uric Acid Crystal Formation Audience

I wrote Uric Acid Crystal Formation for all gout sufferers who want to understand uric acid. Because I believe that gout control is easier when you understand gout pain processes. However, if you prefer practical help for gout recovery, start at Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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What Is Gouty Arthritis?

Are you confused between gouty arthritis and gout?

What is the difference? Are they the same?

The short answer is – gouty arthritis is just another way of saying gout. So, if you are looking for a medical definition of gout, see What Is Gout.

It is interesting to look a bit deeper. Because both terms mean the same. So, why do I use different terms at different times?

What Is Gouty Arthritis?

Gout is the most common term. But the correct medical term is gouty arthritis. As arthritis is the medical term for many diseases that cause inflamed joints.

So, I use the term gout mostly. Also, in my experience, most doctors do the same. Because it is shorter, more common, and most people recognize it as a medical condition that involves painful joints.
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Gout Food Pyramids for GoutPal Dieters

Gout Food Pyramids tells you why food pyramids are important to gout sufferers. Specifically, I explain different food pyramid schemes. Then, how you might choose a food pyramid that helps your Gout Foundation Diet.

Gout Food Pyramids Audience

As the title implies, I wrote Gout Food Pyramids for GoutPal Dieters. Also, I hope it will help GoutPal Foodies. Do you know which type of gout sufferer you are? If not, read Questions for Gout Sufferers, before you continue.

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The Manner Of Development Of Gout

This article is taken from a press release titled Pathogenesis of Gout. The text is very scientific, and even an included glossary does not prevent some difficult to understand passages. The study has a very wide scope, and I will rewrite various parts of it in future articles to clarify some of the key points.

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Posted on: Saturday, 8 October 2005, 03:01 CDT via science news release.

By Choi, Hyon K; Mount, David B; Reginato, Anthony M

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What can you eat on a Moderate Purine Gout Diet?

In What can you eat on a Moderate Purine Gout Diet, I list some moderate purine foods.

This follows my previous two lists: Is Very Low Purine Gout Diet Possible? and Another Low Purine Foods List.

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Another Low Purine Foods List

Here’s another low purines food list. It complements yesterday’s list in Is Very Low Purine Gout Diet Possible?

Just like the very low purine foods list, these foods are from recent Japanese gout research. Therefore, some foods might be unfamiliar. But, that’s just a chance to try something new. You can share some new low purine recipes in the gout forum, if you find something really tasty that’s also gout-friendly.

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Avoid Excess Calories and Obesity for Gout

If you want gout foods to avoid, calories are just as bad as purines.

Purines don’t just come from meat on your plate. They also come from meat on your bones. So more weight = more flesh = more uric acid.

Just like other animals, humans eat for energy, and to build new tissues. New tissue replaces old, but if we overeat, our bodies create extra tissue, and we get fat. Tissue replacement is an essential part of life, but the meat in our own bodies is just as much a source of uric acid as the food that we eat.

Eating excess purines will increase uric acid levels from your diet. Excess calories will do the same with body weight.

Gout is not simply about food, but where food is a contributory factor then calories are just as important as purines. In fact, they may play a bigger part in gout diet management as calories are contained in almost all foods, whereas purines that affect gout are only found in animal products and some fungal products, like mushrooms and yeast. Purines in vegetables can be ignored.

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