Allopurinol For Gout

My allopurinol for gout guidelines explain some implications of taking allopurinol for gout.

The main reason for taking allopurinol is to lower uric acid. When it is prescribed correctly, your doctor will take regular blood tests to ensure that your uric acid stays below 6mg/dL. In most cases, the upper limit should be 5mg/dL. For the early months of allopurinol, which is often referred to as the “debulking period,” your target should be much lower than 5mg/dL.

Those are the basic facts about allopurinol for gout. I explain those facts, and others, in detail throughout these allopurinol guidelines. In this page, I look at some practical issues that show why you have to be vigilant about your uric acid level, and your allopurinol dosage.

Despite a half century of allopurinol as the first choice treatment for gout, correct prescribing remains inadequate. In recent years, professional rheumatologists throughout the world have emphasized the need to set safe uric acid levels on a personal basis. Thereafter, physicians should treat-to-target. That is, every gout patient should have a personal target uric acid level, and allopurinol dose should be adjusted to meet that target. In addition, gout patients should:

  • Be pre-screened for genetic liability to Allopurinol Hypersensitivity Syndrome in at-risk ethnic groups (Korean, Han Chinese, and Thai). See Minimize Allopurinol Side Effects
  • Know about the risks of gout flares during the debulking period.
  • Have access to pain prevention or pain treatment during the debulking period.
  • Have kidney function and liver function tests alongside uric acid tests.
  • Have adequate follow-up care for life

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Allopurinol Alternatives? Is Anything Better For Gout?

Allopurinol Alternatives: Is Anything Better For Gout? explains medical and non-prescription alternatives to allopurinol. So, it helps you to decide if you want to lower uric acid with allopurinol. Or, do you prefer:

  • Other uric acid lowering medications.
  • Herbal uric acid meds.
  • Natural uric acid diet improvements.

Allopurinol Alternatives Audience

I wrote Allopurinol Alternatives for GoutPal Seekers. GoutPal Seekers know they must lower uric acid. But, they are not certain of the best way to treat uric acid. So, this article introduces ideas about alternatives to allopurinol. Then, GoutPal Seekers can decide if they want to become GoutPal Patients, GoutPal Herbalists, or GoutPal Dieters. If you are not certain which type of gout sufferer you are, please read Questions for Gout Sufferers now.

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Allopurinol Tablets & Kidney Disease

Allopurinol Tablets & Kidney Disease explains how taking allopurinol tablets might affect kidney disease. Specifically, I explain how this is an area of ongoing gout research. Because, scientists do not yet fully understand how allopurinol affects kidney function. However, the results so far seem encouraging. Because, some kidney patients benefit from allopurinol. But for others, there is no effect on kidneys.

Allopurinol Tablets & Kidney Disease Audience

I wrote Allopurinol Tablets & Kidney Disease for GoutPal Seekers who are concerned about the effects of allopurinol on kidney function. GoutPal Seekers are gout sufferers who are trying to control uric acid. But, they don’t know which type of uric acid lowering therapy they should choose. If you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, please read Questions for Gout Sufferers before you continue to read this article.

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Allopurinol 300 mg : Good, bad, or ugly?

Allopurinol 300 mg per day is the most common dose for uric acid lowering. However, it might not be right for you.

This allopurinol 300 mg article is aimed at gout patients who are currently taking allopurinol. It is also aimed at gout sufferers who are considering starting allopurinol. I explain the principles of allopurinol dosing. I explain how those principles apply to you. Especially, how to tell if allopurinol 300 mg is the right dose for your gout.

It’s over 2 years since I published my allopurinol dosing guidelines. I will soon revise them to reflect latest best practice. However, I’ve seen from my gout forum that many gout patients are still getting the wrong dose of allopurinol. Therefore, I have produced this quick guide here. This allows you to make vital choices about allopurinol now. I’ll update the guidelines with appropriate references to gout studies.

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Allopurinol And Alcohol: Can You Spirit Away Gout?

If you are worried about allopurinol and alcohol, this article will explain the key points.

You will learn that, generally, alcohol has little effect on allopurinol. However, like all aspects of gout management, each gout patient must be assessed individually. After you have read about allopurinol and alcohol, if you still have concerns, you can discuss your personal opinions and experiences in the gout forums.

I’ve put links to the gout forums and other gout support resources at the end of this article. Please use the forums to discuss how alcohol affects your allopurinol treatment. Together, we can make sure that you get the right treatment to suit your needs. If you do not want to use the forums now, you can click the orange Gout Support button, or raise a support ticket in my gout helpdesk.

Allopurinol And Alcohol Introduction

Allopurinol and alcohol is a popular topic for debate among gout sufferers.

Allopurinol is the leading medicine to lower uric acid, and gout patients who take it, at the right dose, are almost certain to take control of their gout. Yet, they remain concerned that alcohol consumption might affect allopurinol and reduce their chances of recovery.

In this article, I consider evidence relating to alcohol consumption and allopurinol.

Specific research on allopurinol and alcohol is hard to find. Allopurinol patient information advises limiting alcohol. However, no sources are cited that support this advice:

When taking allopurinol, keep your alcohol intake to a minimum i.e. 1-2 standard drinks, once or twice a week. Drinking more than 4 standard drinks on one occasion, even if infrequently, is strongly discouraged.

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Gout Medications To Avoid Gout By Lower Uric Acid

To avoid gout, your treatment has to permanently lower uric acid down to safe levels.

Please note that this page, and the associated medications pages, are about gout treatment that will allow you to avoid gout for the rest of your life. It is not about medications that you should avoid. For that, you should see What Causes Gout? in the Gout Symptoms, Causes, & Diagnosis guidelines.

Also, note that this gout medications page is not about what you eat. For ways of avoiding dietary causes of gout, please see Foods To Avoid With Gout and Gout Foods To Avoid in the Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle guidelines.

There are many urate-lowering therapies, with more in development. You need to choose the right one, and you might need pain relief for the weeks or months it takes to lower uric acid to a safe level.

Whichever gout cure you choose, make sure it keeps your uric acid at 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L), or below.

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Allopurinol Medication: Why It Hurts To Get Rid Of Gout

I have revised this allopurinol medication information today. It is one of my oldest articles, and one of the most important. Once I understood why allopurinol can cause a gout flare it changed my life. Now I know that gout attacks can start when we first lower uric acid.

That fact suddenly made some aspects of gout diet make sense. Why would a tomato based meal cause a gout attack, when tomatoes are good for gout? Because, like allopurinol, old uric acid crystals are dissolving, and they can trigger an attack until they dissolve completely.

That fact also told me that I needed pain relief during the early weeks of allopurinol treatment. I was prepared, and I achieved safe uric acid levels without any major discomfort.

If you do nothing else today, read my allopurinol medication article, and learn how to control gout before it controls you.

Allopurinol Medication: The Gout Cure That Can Hurt

All gout sufferers, and their carers, seek the best gout treatment.

The best treatment is allopurinol medication, which is common and effective.

It is a crucial part of the fight against gout, but why do less than 1 in 5 gout patients complete their treatment successfully?

Are you at risk of your gout treatment failing?

  1. Do you understand uric acid?
  2. Do you know the crippling danger it presents?
  3. Do you know why you must reduce uric acid?
  4. Do you understand why reducing uric acid can temporarily cause more pain?

As a gout patient, you must understand why you need to manage the pain of allopurinol medication to get rid of gout.

Understanding Uric Acid

Uric acid is useful to humans, but, like many a good thing, too much of it is bad.

Too much, causes uric acid crystals to form in and around your joints, and under your skin.

Many people imagine these crystals to be painful, often describing them as sharp and needle-like. They are actually so small, that they don’t cause physical pain directly, but your immune system sees them as virus-like invaders. Then, attacks them causing inflammation and acute pain.

You must do more than just treat this pain – you must treat its cause.

The Crippling Danger Of Uric Acid

Most people need some additional medication to tolerate the pain. This is usually colchicine or another anti-inflammatory drug, but pain relief will do nothing to get rid of uric acid crystals.

The inflammation and pain will gradually disperse as your immune system stops fighting the uric acid crystals. But, unlike a virus, your immune system cannot kill uric acid crystals. Instead, it hides them in a protein coating, and they will build up to cause crippling joint damage unless you do something to get rid of them.

I’ve seen a 70-year-old man in tears with this pain, and I do not want it to happen to you.

Why You Must Focus On Lowering Uric Acid

The uric acid crystals build up gradually, often over several years, and they don’t always cause the traditionally painful, swollen acute gout flare.

Often numbness or tingling are the only signs, yet under your skin, the uric acid deposits increase until they burst through as tophi, or damage your joints, or both.

The only way to get rid of uric acid deposits, and avoid the critically painful tophaceous gout stage, is to lower uric acid to 5mg/dL or below.

Though there are several uric acid lowering drugs, and new ones being developed, allopurinol medication is most widely prescribed and currently the most effective, as long as the correct dose is taken every day.

Allopurinol Dosing Tablets

Lowering Uric Acid Can Cause Pain

At the correct dose, all uric acid lowering treatments will cause uric acid crystals to dissolve. Remember, this is what we must do to avoid skin-bursting tophi and crippling joint deposits.

Unfortunately, as they are dissolving, uric acid crystals shed the protein coating, and the immune system starts to attack again, which may result in a painful gout flare. You must be prepared for this, and discuss with your doctor whether you take anti-inflammatory pain relief with the allopurinol medication, or take pain relief when a gout flare occurs.

Deal With The Pain Of Allopurinol Medication

All too often gout sufferers concentrate on finding pain relief and forget about the dangers of a long-term buildup of uric acid crystals.

You must understand the dangers of uric acid, how crystals can cause serious damage, often without pain, and how lowering uric acid might temporarily increase pain.

Distinguishing between pain relief and lowering uric acid is crucial for managing gout. Understand it, and you are less likely to fail. Do not be one of the gout patients who fail to get rid of gout because you do not understand allopurinol medication.

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