Uric Acid Calculator from Safe to Dangerous

Uric Acid Calculator converts your uric acid between different scales. Check mg/dL, µmol/L, and mmol/L. Then see if your uric acid is safe or dangerous.

Uric Acid Calculator Audience

I wrote Uric Acid Calculator for all gout sufferers. Because the most important fact for gout sufferers is blood uric acid level, and what it means.

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The Manner Of Development Of Gout

This article is taken from a press release titled Pathogenesis of Gout. The text is very scientific, and even an included glossary does not prevent some difficult to understand passages. The study has a very wide scope, and I will rewrite various parts of it in future articles to clarify some of the key points.

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Posted on: Saturday, 8 October 2005, 03:01 CDT via science news release.

By Choi, Hyon K; Mount, David B; Reginato, Anthony M

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Gouty Tophi & Bone Erosion

Gouty tophi are usually noticed under the skin, and are not usually painful until they burst through the skin, or become infected.

We tend to ignore them in the early stages, and concentrate more on relieving the pain from acute gout flares.

But is this wise?

Now that technology allows us to see tophi growing into cartilage, tendons, and bones, we can see it is not wise. I’ve added some more important 2014 information to this 2010 article about early detection of joint damage from new gout scanning technology. First let us see how this technology shows early tophi leading to bone erosion and severe, painful, joint damage.

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What Is Uric Acid? Vital Friend Or Deadly Foe?

I get asked every day, “What is uric acid?”

Chemically, it is a very weak organic acid, but that does not help you understand it, or it’s relationship with gout.

Medically, it is thought to be vital to our health, and our ability to stand upright.

But our uric acid control mechanisms are complicated, and if it gets out of balance, high uric acid leads to gouty arthritis. And worse.

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Uric Acid: Step-by-Step Understanding

Uric acid is the root of all gout pain.

But how can a weak compound like uric acid cause so much pain and misery?

When you understand the answer to that question, you will be in a much better position to understand and manage your uric acid.

I know many people want simple answers and clear instructions to manage their gout. I provide help pages on all aspects of uric acid. So that you can find practical answers fast. However, I believe that you will get better treatment if you understand gout better.

To understand gout, you need to understand its root cause – uric acid.

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