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Over 10 years, I have gathered many facts about gout. I’ve seen many changes, yet I see Internet sites, and even doctors, recommending practices that are outdated. I know that some of my gout guidelines only affect a small percentage of people. Some pages will affect nearly everyone, but how do you know what is important for your gout?

You can work through the guidelines I’ve listed below on the right. 1-2-3: Symptoms-Treatment-Diet, in that order. When you need clarification, just ask in the gout forum.
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Top Gout Topics

Common questions about gout, and popular gout topics include:

What is the definition of tophi? How can I get tophi removal?
How to get rid of gout? What is gout?
Colchicine Side Effects
What are colchicine side effects? How can I avoid Colcrys side effects?
Gout Cures
Does baking soda cure gout? Is there a list of natural gout cures?
Gout Foods To Avoid
Is there a gout foods to avoid list? Can I see a list of uric acid foods?
Gout Pictures
Can I see some pictures of gout? Does my photograph show I have gout?
Treatment For Gout
What are my gout treatment choices?
Colchicine Dosage
What is the Colcrys dosage for acute gout attack? What colchicine dosage prevents gout?
Gout Home Remedies
Is there a list of herbal medicine for gout?
Gout Diet Foods To Eat
Is there a list of gout-safe foods?

If your gout question is not listed here, please search for it, or use the menus at the top of each page. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, just ask in the gout forum.

Gout Guidelines

My gout guidelines, also accessible from the menu at the top of each page, cover all aspects of gout. I have designed them specifically to be done in order.

First, you need to explain your gout symptoms to your doctor, and get a clear gout diagnosis. Ideally, you might find causes of gout that can be cured, but for most gout patients, you will need a plan.
So, second, plan your gout treatment. Discuss with your doctor, the need for gout pain relief, and for uric acid control. If you want to try herbal gout remedies, I include advice on these, but you must still stick to a plan for pain control and for uric acid control.
Third, check and improve your diet. This might include purine control to reduce uric acid, but that will take months, or years, so how can you improve gout diet for pain control?

If you do not understand why this order is important, please read my gout guidelines introduction.

1-24 Gout Symptoms
Gout symptoms and good diagnosis of them are the crucial first step to controlling gout. See how to understand the causes of your gout then learn how to fix it.
2-24 Gout Treatment
One gout treatment is never enough. Get the best pain relief & the best uric acid remedy. Only combination gout cures work. See what helps your gout for good.
3-24 Gout Diet
Gout diet is important, but do not be gout food obsessed. Do not waste time on uric acid foods. Focus on complete diets. See how to use diet to help your gout.

Remember, not all these guidelines are relevant to you. The ones that are, often affect people differently. To find out which gout guidelines are important to you, just ask in the gout forum.

More Gouty Options

GoutPal is organized into 3 main sections: Symptoms, Treatment, and Diet. I’ve listed the top 3 pages in each section, with links to the complete list for each section. To support those, my other sections are: Favorites, General, Related, Store, and Uric Acid. You can also browse the Gout Index. I have given you a lot of information about gout. It is often easiest to search using the box at the top of every page. Easiest of all is to ask in the gout forum.

Gout Symptoms

Uric Acid Back Pain: The Heavy Load Of Gout

Uric acid back pain is serious. Gout back pain is dangerous if not treated immediately. Get help for uric acid and back pain before gout cripples your back.

Doctor, do I have gout? Doctor, Is This Gout Photo

Doctor, do I really have gout? Why are you not sure? Why say my uric acid is not high? Unanswered gout questions cause stress. Let GoutPal help your gout.

Bismuth Subsalicylate and Gout Got Gout? Stop Pepto image

Gout sufferers must avoid Pepto Bismol. Bismuth subsalicylate is bad for gout. Are any products to fight diarrhea safe? Get Pepto Bismol and gout facts now.

Gout Treatment

Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control? Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control image

Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control is part of the 4th step in your gout treatment plan. Now, you choose gout treatments you will use to lower uric acid. TL;DRRead summary for Uric Acid Control Treatments. In Step 2, you decided that Chronic Gout Treatment is most important to you, at the moment. In the previous ...

Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control? Gout Treatments For Pain Control image

Which gout treatments for pain control? Preventative or as required? Which combination works best? Get a personal pain control package. Stop gout pain today

Medical or Natural Gout Treatment? Medical or Natural Gout Treatment photo

Medical or Natural Gout Treatment? Don’t choose too soon. Make sure you know why you take gout medications. Learn how to check. Get best gout treatment now.

Gout Diet

What Is The Best Alcoholic Beverage To Drink With Gout? Best Alcohol For Gout photo

Do you wonder what is the best alcoholic beverage to drink with gout? Why worry about gout and alcohol? Get the facts on how alcoholic drink affects gout.

Why Vegan Diet is Worst for Gout Uric Acid by Diet Type chart

Do you know why vegan diet is worst for gout? Good gout diet means eating right and avoiding wrong. Get your vegan, vegetarian, meat, and fish gout diets.

What Foods Cause Gout? 5 Bad Gout Foods photos

What foods cause gout? High purine foods over many years are bad. But there are 4 more bad food groups. Make gout food safe. See which foods cause gout now.

Gout Favorites

Help For Gout gout-help

You want help for gout, but where will it come from? A group of gout sufferers can do more than one person alone. Join with others to help fix gout for all.

Gout Cures: Natural Uricosuric Agents Gout Herbal Medicine Photo

Gout cures come in many forms. Here we focus on natural products that help cure gout and supplement a good gout diet. Get advice on natural uricosuric meds.

Massage for Treating Gout Massage for Gout photo

Gout massage lets you relieve gout without medicines. Here is a summary of all important gout relief facts about massage. Read all about massage for gout.

General Gout

Gout Poll Archive

Please ignore this page for now. I will let you know when new gout polls are available.

Gout Gout Guidelines Image

Understand gout and get the knowledge to control it. Clear symptoms advice, easy treatment plans, and sensible diet help. Get the best way to fix your gout.

What Is Gout? What Is Gout photo

What is gout? Do you want the medical definition? It might not help your gout. Gout myths can ruin treatment plans. Get the facts about what gout is to you.

Gout Related

Is Fatal Gout Killing You? Prostate Gout image

Gout sufferers often say “My gout is killing me!” Meaning that the pain of a gout flare is so severe that death seems the easier option. That might be an exaggeration. But, fatal risks of gout cannot be over-exaggerated. In recent years, advances in imaging technology have allowed scientists to understand gout better. We can now ...

Great Day for Gout Freedom Great Day for Gout Freedom photo

Gout Freedom is my shorthand for the place where your gout treatment is managed correctly. It’s a place where you are free from gout pain. And free from the fear of gout returning. Today is especially significant for gout freedom, for two reasons: A GoutPal member has found Gout Freedom in the old gout forum. My new gout forum is ...

Triggers For Gout: Not All Bad! Gout Triggers Photo

Triggers for gout, and how to beat them. Triggers can be good or bad. Triggers can be medical, food, or external. Learn how to stop your triggers for gout.

Gout Store

Naproxen For Gout: Best Buying Options Get rid of Gout Pain photo

Do you take naproxen for gout? First, learn how to take it safely. Then learn how to buy it properly. Get the best deals on Aleve for your gout pain relief.

Treat Gout GoutPal Shop Gout banner

How do you treat gout? Do not treat it with pointless, useless products! GoutPal reviews all gout supplies. Get the best products to treat your gout now.

GoutPal Membership Signup GoutPal Helps Your Gout image

GoutPal Membership gives you personal support for your gout. Personal gout help pushes you to take action and fix gout. Get your gout under control today.

Uric Acid

Gouty Tophi & Bone Erosion Gouty Tophi In Bone Image

Gouty tophi are often ignored as they are usually painless. But see how they grow into your joints and damage them. Get early control to save your joints.

Uric Acid: You Must Learn It’s Secrets To Manage Gout Uric Acid, Gout & Hyperuricemia image

To understand gout, you must understand uric acid. What are 3 ways uric acid causes gout pain? How can you beat them? Learn why uric acid control is vital.

Gout, Sauna & Sweating Gout, Sauna & Sweating

Can a sauna or sweating help your gout? Studies don’t give definite answers, but they do indicate one danger. See the secret of using heat to help your gout

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