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Top Gout Topics

Common questions about gout, and popular gout topics include:

What is the definition of tophi? How can I get tophi removal?
How to get rid of gout? What is gout?
Colchicine Side Effects
What are colchicine side effects? How can I avoid Colcrys side effects?
Gout Cures
Does baking soda cure gout? Is there a list of natural gout cures?
Gout Foods To Avoid
Is there a gout foods to avoid list? Can I see a list of uric acid foods?
Gout Pictures
Can I see some pictures of gout? Does my photograph show I have gout?
Treatment For Gout
What are my gout treatment choices?
Colchicine Dosage
What is the Colcrys dosage for acute gout attack? What colchicine dosage prevents gout?
Gout Home Remedies
Is there a list of herbal medicine for gout?
Gout Diet Foods To Eat
Is there a list of gout-safe foods?

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Gout Guidelines

My gout guidelines, also accessible from the menu at the top of each page, cover all aspects of gout:

1-24 Gout Symptoms
Gout symptoms and good diagnosis of them are the crucial first step to controlling gout. See how to understand the causes of your gout then learn how to fix it.
2-24 Gout Treatment
One gout treatment is never enough. Get the best pain relief & the best uric acid remedy. Only combination gout cures work. See what helps your gout for good.
3-24 Gout Diet
Gout diet is important, but do not be gout food obsessed. Do not waste time on uric acid foods. Focus on complete diets. See how to use diet to help your gout.
Find more (see gouty search hints for guidance).

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Gout Hereditary Map

Is Your Gout Hereditary?

Is your gout hereditary? Learn ways that genes affect gout symptoms. Did your ancestors have gout? See how different genes affect different ethnic groups.

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GoutInfo 2013

GoutInfo is more than a gout awareness campaign. At GoutPal, you can learn about goutinfo .com, and much more gout info. See why you need to be Gout Aware.

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Treatment For Gout In Toe

Do you need treatment for gout in toe? If uric acid is not made safe surgery might be required. See the gruesome photographs of treatment for gout in toe.

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Gout Medicine Target Picture

New Medicine to Target Gout

Arhalofenate is a prospective new gout medicine with a difference. This should lower uric acid and reduce gout flares. Will arhalofenate treat your gout?

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