Simple Gout Treatment

I know gout can be complicated, but let’s try the simple approach to gout treatment before we look for difficulties.

Gout treatment is the heart of finding gout freedom.

Gout treatment must be preceded by a proper medical diagnosis of your gout symptoms.

Gout treatment might  be followed by adjustment to your gout diet.

So for all of you making life difficult for yourselves by worrying about food and drink – stop now. Do not even think about diet until you have a good gout management plan.

1. Starting A Gout Treatment Plan

The best gout treatment plan starts with good diagnosis from your doctor(s). If you have a confirmed gout diagnosis then move to step 2.

Gout diagnosis can be difficult for a small minority of gout patients. For most people, it is very simple.

If your gout symptoms are not confirmed, see your doctor or rheumatologist today. If they are confirmed, a more complete analysis of possible causes is useful, but not essential. If you have it, it may give you more options for gout treatment.

I will announce a personal gout symptoms assessment tool soon. In the meantime read the Gout Symptoms section, which is first in the list of sections near the top and bottom of every page. If you still have questions, ask in the Gout Symptoms forum.

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Doctor, do I have gout?

It’s been my sad duty today to tell someone that they have got gout.

First his doctor suspected gout but wasn’t sure. He ran the usual blood test for uric acid. The doctor didn’t understand the results, and suggested it was unlikely to be gout.

Like 3 in 4 doctors, he got confused between facts about laboratory reference ranges for uric acid, and facts about medical uric acid safety.

Our patient is left worrying what is wrong with him, and wondering what to do next. Someone had to step up and help this poor guy. That someone turned out to be me.

This is an on-going story, fresh from the gout forum. As I write, I do not know how the story will end. Will our gout sufferer get the right diagnosis? Will he get the right treatment? Can he ever get the right lifestyle improvement advice if his gout is undiagnosed? You can find out by joining the gout forum link below.

Here are the simple gout facts we have learned so far.

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What are your 5 Bad Gout Foods?

There are 5 bad gout foods that you must know if you want to get your gout diet working for you.

This is not another of the simple lists of random food items that you read around the Internet. These are 5 important groups of foods that affect gout in different ways. I have recognized 4 of these for a long time. Recently, scientists have identified a fifth important food group that changes the way we control gout. Before I explain this new group of foods that you need to be careful with, I will recap the other 4.

I will only present brief summary information here. You can find more information in my gout diet guidelines and by searching using the box at the top of each page. I also provide personal help and explanations in the gout forums. I will add relevant links at the end of this article.

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Bismuth Subsalicylate and Gout

Bismuth subsalicylate is the active ingredient of many anti-diarrhea products. You should avoid it if you have gout.

Most products that contain bismuth subsalicylate carry warnings about gout. Salicylates are found in many plants, where they give beneficial protection against pests. Most famously, salicylates from willow was used to develop aspirin, though it is produced artificially now.

I mentioned salicylates in Beware Gout Cures You Do Not Need. That article lists many medicines that can cause gout, or make it worse.

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Avoid Excess Calories for Gout

If you want gout foods to avoid, calories are just as bad as purines.

Purines don’t just come from meat on your plate. They also come from meat on your bones. So more weight = more flesh = more uric acid.

Just like other animals, humans eat for energy, and to build new tissues. New tissue replaces old, but if we overeat, our bodies create extra tissue, and we get fat. Tissue replacement is an essential part of life, but the meat in our own bodies is just as much a source of uric acid as the food that we eat.

Eating excess purines will increase our uric acid levels from diet. Excess calories will do the same from body weight.

Gout is not simply about food, but where food is a contributory factor then calories are just as important as purines. In fact they may play a bigger part in gout diet management as calories are contained in almost all foods, whereas purines that affect gout are only found in animal products and some fungal products, like mushrooms and yeast. Purines in vegetables can be ignored.

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What is gout to you?

I can answer “What is gout?” but the more important question is “What is gout to you?”

This is a heads up for a new gout support service called Keith’s Learners. I will launch it officially in a few days, but for those of you with a burning desire to learn what gout is, here is a pre-launch introduction.

Over the years, I have used many different methods to explain what gout is. I believe it is important for all gout sufferers to have that knowledge. It helps you ask the right questions when you discuss gout with your doctor. It helps you discuss gout in support forums and with friends. Your gout knowledge is something that tells you when people are not giving you the right answers.

That is why I often try to explain What Is Gout? by explaining what it is NOT! Exposing myths about gout is a good way to tell if your advisers truly understand gout. Do they know gout, or are they merely spouting something they read in an old book, or outdated website? On that page, I also point out that what really matters is: What gout is to you?.

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Worried about High Uric Acid?

I’ve reviewed my survey about high uric acid levels. I’ve added the results about what concerns you most, below.

I have a lot of information about high uric acid (hyperuricemia), and I wanted to reorganize it so it helps you more. In May, I created a short survey, to help me know the best information to help your gout.

From discussions and responses to existing pages, I identified several things about high uric acid that gout sufferers worry about:

  • I cannot eat my favorite food
  • I want to be told what to eat
  • I don’t understand high and normal uric acid
  • I don’t know how to reduce uric acid
  • I’m worried about another gout flare
  • I’m worried about tophi
  • Heart disease and high uric acid
  • Kidney disease and high uric acid

They are not in any particular order. I also included an option to add other topics about uric acid that worried gout sufferers.

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Foods High in Uric Acid: 2 Surprising Myths

Foods high in uric acid are important to gout sufferers. But you must know the surprises.

Be careful to use the right chart.
Learn how to use the food high in uric acid chart properly.
Avoid the dangers of using food charts in the wrong way.

Below, you can see the complete list of food high in uric acid. You will also see limitations of high uric acid food lists. You will learn that your gout diet must be personal to you. You can read many different ways that foods affect uric acid, but you really need to know how they affect you.

In the gout forum, you can get personal help to know which of the foods high in uric acid affect you personally. Find discussions about uric acid foods lists in What are uric acid foods? If those discussions are not relevant to you, start your own discussion about how foods high in uric acid affect you.

Foods High in Uric Acid Introduction

Most importantly, you will see why it is important to take a personal view. Foods high in uric acid affect every gout sufferer differently. Some gout sufferers need to control uric acid food intake carefully. Others need to focus on different dangers in food and drink. I’ve added links at the end of the article where you can get personal help for foods high in uric acid.

Actually, food never contains uric acid, it contains something called purines, and your body converts purines to uric acid.

This is important, because excess uric acid is what causes gout.

I have 2 surprises for you about purines, but first I must explain my foods high in uric acid list, which is shown in full below.

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