Simple Gout Treatment

I know gout can be complicated, but let’s try the simple approach to gout treatment before we look for difficulties.

Gout treatment is the heart of finding gout freedom.

Gout treatment must be preceded by a proper medical diagnosis of your gout symptoms.

Gout treatment might  be followed by adjustment to your gout diet.

So for all of you making life difficult for yourselves by worrying about food and drink – stop now. Do not even think about diet until you have a good gout management plan.

1. Starting A Gout Treatment Plan

The best gout treatment plan starts with good diagnosis from your doctor(s). If you have a confirmed gout diagnosis then move to step 2.

Gout diagnosis can be difficult for a small minority of gout patients. For most people, it is very simple.

If your gout symptoms are not confirmed, see your doctor or rheumatologist today. If they are confirmed, a more complete analysis of possible causes is useful, but not essential. If you have it, it may give you more options for gout treatment.

I will announce a personal gout symptoms assessment tool soon. In the meantime read the Gout Symptoms section, which is first in the list of sections near the top and bottom of every page. If you still have questions, ask in the Gout Symptoms forum.

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Is Your Gout Hereditary?

Do you wonder why you have gout?

Is it bad diet, bad lifestyle choices or just bad luck?

There can be a host of reasons why we get gout, and I reviewed them in What Causes Gout? Now, I want to focus in more detail on the genetics of gout.

Hereditary Gout Study

There is an interesting study of the hereditary aspects of gout. Tony Merriman and Nicola Dalbeth have investigated how different genes are associated with different aspects of gout and high uric acid.[1]

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GoutInfo 2013

This GoutInfo post is about finding information on

Many years ago, I introduced a new word into the language of gout: GoutPal

Prior to my efforts, a search for GoutPal led the major search engine to believe you might be looking for perfume. These days, thousands of people search for GoutPal and find friendly gout support.

I try to keep an eye on what information people are searching for. It helps me prioritize new articles, or to reorganize old articles better. I know that the best gout information is on GoutPal, and my gout info update page is a very popular destination for anyone who wants to stay advised about gout news and developments. Recently, I’ve noticed an upsurge in visitor who found that page when looking for GoutInfo (no space between words).

I am always intrigued by new gout-related words, so I set out to investigate the meaning of GoutInfo.

See the GoutInfo Definition, and what it means for you

Treatment For Gout In Toe

If treatment for gout in toe requires surgical removal of tophi, something has gone seriously wrong.

Unfortunately, grotesque photographs and videos of tophi being removed from the big toe are far too common. I will subject you to more gruesome pictures soon, just to emphasize the point. You should prevent gout getting to this stage, and avoid treatment for gout that involves surgery.

Do not assume you automatically get the treatment you need to avoid surgery. In the gout case report where I found the photographs there is an indication that uric acid levels were not being managed properly. The patient had a history of gout, was being prescribed allopurinol, yet uric acid was 6.4mg/dL. The advice from rheumatologists for safe uric acid levels is 5mg/dL or lower. 6.4 is not outrageously high, but in the colder regions of the big toe, it is far from safe.

There is a further complication in this gout case study, as it features Viagra (sildenafil). The link between gout and Viagra is discussed occasionally, and mentioned on pack inserts, yet the evidence for a link is very unreliable. People often try to link unrelated health issues, and when that is reported in clinical trials, it has to be included in product information. However, there is nothing to suggest in any reports that this is anything other than coincidence, coupled with very poor understanding of gout.

Anyway, that is not the issue here, so let me return to consider this dramatic treatment for gout in toe.

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New Medicine to Target Gout

The arsenal of gout medicine to target gout is growing.

Probenecid is an established option for gout sufferers who fail to excrete enough uric acid. This family of drugs, called uricosurics, is now joined by a new candidate – arhalofenate.

It’s developers, CymaBay Therapeutics, have recently announced new clinical trials for arhalofenate to treat gout patients. Arhalofenate, originally called MBX-102, was developed for diabetes sufferers, but it has a special bonus for gout sufferers. As well as lowering uric acid, it helps reduce gout flares.

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Gout at 3.5?

A friend asked me about gout at 3.5:

I have a friend who is having severe gouty attacks… But he claims his uric acid is 3.5. I am dumbfounded. Has anyone heard of this sort of thing??

Here is an extended version of my reply.

Three Reasons for Low Uric Acid Gout

Differential Gout Diagnosis

1. It isn’t gout.

I know that septic arthritis and pseudogout (calcium crystals not uric acid crystals) have similar symptoms. There may be others. A rheumatologist could differentiate this with joint fluid analysis.

In Gout & Rheumatoid Arthritis, I listed several common diseases that might be confused with gout. As well as septic arthritis and pseudogout, that gout study identifies traumatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as diseases that might be confused with gout. If you know of others, please let me know in the Gout at 3.5 discussion.

See 2 more reasons for Gout at 3.5?

Gout and Iron Revisited

An old discussion about gout and iron has been woken this week.

It is not really a topic that has ever gone away. Though not discussed in detail recently, I mention the relationship between excess iron and gout in many discussions. I also include it in many guidelines, including causes of gout in the Gout Symptoms guidelines, and gout foods to avoid in the Gout Diet guidelines.

For me, the turning point in recognizing the importance of iron for gout sufferers came when I heard about Facchini’s experiments with blood donation as a way to control gout. That research is cited in a more recent analysis of gout and iron. In a letter to the Rheumatology journal, Mascitelli, Pezzetta, and Goldstein offer a possible explanation of how iron affects uric acid and gout.

They believe that the key is inflammation, noting that it is the common link between iron overload and increased gout and heart disease. They refer to some interesting science explaining how uric acid binds with free iron, and exploring links between iron and inflammation. Their remarks include:

We propose that iron may represent a factor that triggers inflammation and heightens cardiovascular risk in gouty patients.

Accumulating evidence suggests that gout is a disease of iron overload. [...]

Therefore, iron may represent an important biological link between gout and cardiovascular disease.

This, in turn, leads me to an interesting conclusion.

Learn Vital Aspects Of Gout And Iron

Will GoutClear Treat Gout?

I’ve just been asked if GoutClear will treat gout. This links with my Treating Gout Directory that I have just started, so I thought I would take a quick look.

GoutClear, often referred to as Gout Clear, is one of many herbal formulations for treating gout. I should say from the outset, that I have little faith in most of this type of gout product. However, I know that they are popular, so I will give a brief review here. I’m actually more interested in the ingredients, so I will check the science, and add each ingredient to the Treating Gout Directory, if it is warranted.

It is good to see ingredients listed, and the GoutClear website also includes some references back to scientific studies. I’m going to check those out, and look for more, though it does emphasize the biggest problem with this type of gout remedy. How can you know what dose is correct? More importantly, how can you know an effective dose is safe?

You have to draw your own conclusions about safety and efficacy of herbal compared to pharmaceutical gout medicines. For my part I say, I wouldn’t recommend GoutClear, but if you are going to buy it anyway, I urge you to buy it through my link below. That gives a few cents to GoutPal for keeping gout support free.

So why wouldn’t I buy it?

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