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Since 2004, I have gathered many facts about gout. So, I’ve seen many changes. Yet, I still see Internet sites, and even doctors, recommending practices that are outdated. Therefore I created this gout website to understand my own health better. Now that I’ve achieved gout freedom, I pass my knowledge to you and millions more gout sufferers around the world. But, I know that some of my gout guidelines only affect a small percentage of people. Some pages will affect nearly everyone, but how do you know what is important for your gout?

You can work through the guidelines I’ve listed below. 1-2-3: Symptoms-Treatment-Diet, in that order. When you need clarification, just ask in the gout forums.

Gout Guidelines

My guidelines cover all aspects of gout. So, I have designed them specifically to be done in order.

Firstly, you need to explain your gout symptoms to your doctor. Then, get a clear gout diagnosis. Ideally, you might find causes of gout that can be cured. But, for most gout patients, you will need a plan.
Secondly, plan your gout treatment. Discuss with your doctor, the need for gout pain relief, and for uric acid control. Also, If you want to try herbal gout remedies, I include advice on these. But, you must still stick to a plan for pain control and for uric acid control.
Thirdly, check and improve your diet. This might include purine control to reduce uric acid. But, that will take months, or years. So, how can you improve gout diet for pain control?

If you do not understand why this order is important, please read my gout guidelines introduction.

1. Gout Symptoms
Gout symptoms and good diagnosis of them are the crucial first step to controlling gout. So, see how to understand the causes of your gout. Then learn how to fix it.
2. Gout Treatment
One gout treatment is never enough. Because you need the best pain relief and the best uric acid remedy. So, see which mix of treatments helps your gout for good.
3. Gout Diet
Gout diet is important. But do not be gout food obsessed. Because looking for individual uric acid foods is a waste of time. So, focus on complete diets and see how to use diet to help your gout.

Remember, not all these guidelines are relevant to you. Because gout treatments often affect people differently. To find out which gout guidelines are important to you, just ask in the gout forums.

More Gouty Options

GoutPal is organized into sections. So, I’ve listed the top 3 pages in each section, with links to each complete list:

Finally, I have given you a lot of information about gout. So, it is often easiest to search using the box at the top of every page. But, easiest of all, is to ask in the gout forums.

Gout Symptoms

Gouty Tophi In Finger BoneGouty Tophi In Finger Bone

Gouty tophi in the finger bone report shows how tophaceous gout can spread throughout the body. Stay safe from uric acid crystals and keep your levels low.

continue reading ...

Photos of Gout in FingersPhotos of Gout in Fingers

Do you have tophi on your fingers? Be careful - they are dangerous! See startling photographs of finger tophi. Get Tophi Finger Pictures and Information now.

continue reading ...

What is the purpose of Uric Acid Test?What is the purpose of Uric Acid Test?

Your uric acid blood test results might be normal. That is meaningless. You can still have gout with normal uric acid levels. Avoid dangerous uric acid levels.

continue reading ...

Gout Treatment

Natural Medicine For GoutNatural Medicine For Gout

Natural medicine for gout avoids the side-effects of drugs, but is it any good? Many herbal products have medicinal properties. Get Chinese tea to help gout

continue reading ...

Starting Gout Treatment GuidelinesStarting Gout Treatment Guidelines

Starting gout treatment guidelines seems hard. Where do you start? Stop gout pain now, or prevent gout returning? Start your easy gout treatment today.

continue reading ...

When To Start AllopurinolWhen To Start Allopurinol

When should you start allopurinol? Start immediately, risking extra gout pain, or wait for flares to subside? Get the truth about when to start allopurinol now.

continue reading ...

Gout Diet

Gout and Alcohol: Tequila and GoutGout and Alcohol: Tequila and Gout

Tequila and gout is unusual. Many gout sufferers believe alcohol should be avoided. Is there a case for drink in moderation? See a surprising tequila review.

continue reading ...

What Foods Can I Eat With Gout?What Foods Can I Eat With Gout?

Thousands of gout sufferers ask me “What foods can I eat?” Now, the question might be phrased differently. For example “What foods can I eat if I have gout?” But my response is always the same – “It’s not that simple”. So look at What Gout Foods Can I Eat? Because that explains some principles you need to consider when choosing your gout foods.

Unfortunately, many of you want a quick answer. So I’ve even been told to “Stop explaining and just tell me what I can eat”. But I’ve resisted that. As I know it’s impossible to give a simple food list that will be right for every gout sufferer. Up until today!

Because now we have a uric acid study on humans that lists the foods you can eat with gout.

continue reading ...

Fish You Can Eat With GoutFish You Can Eat With Gout

The gout foods table for fish helps you establish a gout foundation diet. Then you can look at fish for better uric acid. See Fish You Can Eat With Gout now.

continue reading ...

Gout Favorites

Gout and Alcohol: Tequila and GoutGout and Alcohol: Tequila and Gout

Tequila and gout is unusual. Many gout sufferers believe alcohol should be avoided. Is there a case for drink in moderation? See a surprising tequila review.

continue reading ...

Is Pork High in Purines?Is Pork High in Purines?

You need to know about pork and purines. But how high is too high? Learn which pork facts affect your uric acid. Get the answer to Is Pork High in Purines?

continue reading ...

Gout Medications To Avoid Gout By Lower Uric AcidGout Medications To Avoid Gout By Lower Uric Acid

To avoid gout, you must lower uric acid. But how to choose the uric acid treatment right for you? Get the complete guide to avoid gout by lower uric acid.

continue reading ...

General Gout

Gout Related

Ouch! Why does Gout Recovery hurt?Ouch! Why does Gout Recovery hurt?

Why does gout pain move to different joints? Especially when you start uric acid treatment. Learn how gout pain spreads. Then see how to stop the agony.

continue reading ...

ACR Gout Management PrinciplesACR Gout Management Principles

Rheumatologists give guidance to frontline physicians. They help set the minimum standards for gout care. Does your doctor know basic ACR gout guidelines?

continue reading ...

GoutPal Plan for Secondary GoutGoutPal Plan for Secondary Gout

Secondary gout is where gout is caused by another condition. So resolving it will stop your gout. Without the need for uric acid control. Start your plan now.

continue reading ...

Uric Acid

Uric Acid Level ChartsUric Acid Level Charts

Uric acid level charts tell you important gout numbers. See why low, high, normal ranges are meaningless. Get uric acid level charts that help control gout now.

continue reading ...

Uric Acid Levels: Safe or Dangerous?Uric Acid Levels: Safe or Dangerous?

Uric acid levels can be confusing, with different scales. This chart shows what your uric acid test results really mean. Know your number: stop your gout.

continue reading ...

Gout Without HyperuricemiaGout Without Hyperuricemia

Can you get gout when uric acid is normal? Certainly! See how gout happens despite normal urate. Learn to recognize and control gout without hyperuricemia.

continue reading ...

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