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Since 2004, I have gathered many facts about gout. So, I’ve seen many changes. Yet, I still see Internet sites, and even doctors, recommending practices that are outdated. Therefore I created this gout website to understand my own health better. Now that I’ve achieved gout freedom, I pass my knowledge to you and millions more gout sufferers around the world. But, I know that some of my gout guidelines only affect a small percentage of people. Some pages will affect nearly everyone, but how do you know what is important for your gout?

You can work through the guidelines I’ve listed below. 1-2-3: Symptoms-Treatment-Diet, in that order. When you need clarification, just ask in the gout forums.

Gout Guidelines

My guidelines cover all aspects of gout. So, I have designed them specifically to be done in order.

Firstly, you need to explain your gout symptoms to your doctor. Then, get a clear gout diagnosis. Ideally, you might find causes of gout that can be cured. But, for most gout patients, you will need a plan.
Secondly, plan your gout treatment. Discuss with your doctor, the need for gout pain relief, and for uric acid control. Also, If you want to try herbal gout remedies, I include advice on these. But, you must still stick to a plan for pain control and for uric acid control.
Thirdly, check and improve your diet. This might include purine control to reduce uric acid. But, that will take months, or years. So, how can you improve gout diet for pain control?

If you do not understand why this order is important, please read my gout guidelines introduction.

1-24 Gout Symptoms
Gout symptoms and good diagnosis of them are the crucial first step to controlling gout. So, see how to understand the causes of your gout. Then learn how to fix it.
2-24 Gout Treatment
One gout treatment is never enough. Because you need the best pain relief and the best uric acid remedy. So, see which mix of treatments helps your gout for good.
3-24 Gout Diet
Gout diet is important. But do not be gout food obsessed. Because looking for individual uric acid foods is a waste of time. So, focus on complete diets and see how to use diet to help your gout.

Remember, not all these guidelines are relevant to you. Because gout treatments often affect people differently. To find out which gout guidelines are important to you, just ask in the gout forums.

More Gouty Options

GoutPal is organized into sections. So, I’ve listed the top 3 pages in each section, with links to each complete list:

Finally, I have given you a lot of information about gout. So, it is often easiest to search using the box at the top of every page. But, easiest of all, is to ask in the gout forums.

Gout Symptoms

Thumb Tophi – Worst Symptom of Thumb Gout Thumb Gout Crystals Photograph

Thumb tophi make gripping awkward. Like all tophi, they can burst & become infected. Photographs show why you must treat gout lumps quickly. Stop gout crystals.

Uric Acid Back Pain: The Heavy Load Of Gout Uric Acid Back Pain Image

Uric acid back pain is serious. Gout back pain is dangerous if not treated immediately. Get help for uric acid and back pain before gout cripples your back.

Doctor, do I have gout? Doctor, Is This Gout Photo

It’s been my sad duty today to tell someone that they have got gout. First his doctor suspected gout but wasn’t sure. He ran the usual blood test for uric acid. The doctor didn’t understand the results, and suggested it was unlikely to be gout. Like 3 in 4 doctors, he got confused between facts about laboratory ...

Gout Treatment

Treating Gout – Your Gout Resource Database Gout Resources Database

Treating gout is the most important part of gout management. Are you confused what to use and when? See GoutPal’s Treating Gout Directory for all treatments.

Colchicine Side Effects Colchicine long term Side Effects comparison

Colchicine side effects worry many gout patients. Is it a blissful gout pain reliever or dangerous poison? See how to balance risks safely. Take care with gout. Still worried about colchicine side effects? See other gout pain relief.

Best Tophi Picture Tophi Removal Photographs

I think this is the best tophi picture. Because it shows successful tophi treatment. Most tophi photographs are horrible. But I think you should know the dangers of untreated gout. Despite the advances in science that mean we can now control gout, there is a tiny minority who cannot tolerate common uric acid-lowering treatment. If you ...

Gout Diet

Gout Diet is part of Management Plan

Click for more gout diet management information.

Citrus for Gout – Natural Lower Uric Acid Citrus for Gout - Delicious Natural Gout Treatment

Citrus for Gout is my overview of science that shows how citrus fruits can help your gout. Also, I introduce a new list of citrus and other foods that should naturally lower your uric acid. (If you manage your eating habits properly!) Citrus for Gout Audience I wrote Citrus for Gout for Gout Foodies who want to ...

Peaches for Gout Sufferers photo

My peaches and gout graphic shows juicy peaches waiting to be enjoyed. But are peaches good for gout, or fruit to avoid? See how peaches affect your gout diet.

Gout Favorites

How Long Does Gout Last? It’s Your Call How long does it take for gout to go?

How Long Does Gout Last is an overview of several pages that cover different aspects of gout duration. Specifically, it guides you to consider what you really mean when you ask “How Long Does Gout Last?” Then it helps you make gout recovery as fast as possible. How Long Does Gout Last Audience To a certain extent, ...

Indomethacin Dosage for Gout chart

Indomethacin Dosage for Gout chart compares indomethacin with other gout pain and uric acid treatments. It is from the American College of Physicians Guideline on Management of Acute and Recurrent Gout. See the correct indomethacin dosage for gout and compare it with ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, cox-2 inhibitors, prednisolone, methylprednisolone, corticotropin, generic colchicine, Colcrys, probenecid, generic ...

What Is Gouty Arthritis? Gouty Arthritis Or Not photo

People ask what is gouty arthritis without realizing it is just the same as gout. Learn all about arthritis. See how to use facts to help you fix your own gout.

General Gout

What Is Gout? What Is Gout photo

What is gout? Do you want the medical definition? It might not help your gout. Gout myths can ruin treatment plans. Get the facts about what gout is to you.

The Manner Of Development Of Gout Urate Production Pathways

Manner of development of gout is an extensive review explaining what gout is. If you like science, here are the scientific facts about gout. Learn gout now.

Gout PDF Ebooks for better gout awareness PDF eBooks for Gout

Gout PDF files are research reports in Portable Document Format (also called Adobe files or ebooks). The gout information they contain can be viewed on screen or printed using a variety of reading software programs, many of which are free (see below). Please note that most of these gout ebooks contain scientific terminology. However, I have added ...

Gout Related

Gout or Bunions for Arthritis Sufferers Gout, Bunion, or both X-rays

Gout or Bunions for Arthritis Sufferers describes differences between bunions and gout. So if you have a painful big toe, you can see if it is gout or not. Gout or Bunions Audience I wrote Gout or Bunions for GoutPal Arthritis Sufferers. Because they need to consider if they have gout or a different type of arthritis. ...

Lingering Pain After Gout Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering?

Do you get lingering pain after gout? Then learn why it happens so you can stop it. So first read the science of persistent symptoms. Then see 10 factors that affect long-lasting gout. Get 10 ways to stop lingering gout pain.

Gout Diet is part of Management Plan

Click for more gout diet management information.

Uric Acid

Uric Acid Level Ranges Vital Uric Acid Levels Conversion Chart

This list of uric acid level ranges is an alternative to using the uric acid conversion calculator. Because it allows you to convert uric acid test results between scales used in different countries. More importantly, it gives you medical gout ranges instead of statistical high, low, and normal. So you can understand your own uric ...

Uric Acid Level Charts Vital Uric Acid Levels Conversion Chart

This list of Uric Acid Level Charts shows the graphs and tables I use to explain uric acid levels. More importantly, I explain why you need to use medical urate levels. Because statistical high, low, normal charts are medically meaningless. So you will understand your uric acid numbers. Then you can plan to make your ...

Uric Acid Crystals Uric Acid Crystal Images

Uric Acid Crystals explains how crystals form in your body when you have excess uric acid in your blood. Then I look at their consequences, and how you can dissolve them to stop gout permanently. So if you want to truly understand gout, you must learn why uric acid crystals happen. Because you need to ...

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