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For gout treatment to work, it has to be targeted right.

There is no point taking a standard gout prescription, or buying some natural gout remedies if you do not understand how they work, and why you need them.

It is crucial that you get the right gout cure to match your needs, or you could make your gout much worse.

Gout is an extremely complex disease. There is no standard way to avoid gout, but a personal treatment plan that recognizes your symptoms and causes can be quite easy to follow.

Treatments change as you start to control gout. Please note that you must make similar choices whether you are being treated with gout medications, or if you are seeking natural gout remedies. You must set targets for pain control and for uric acid control. As the uric acid control begins to work, you can reduce gout pain relief until eventually you become free from pain.

Gout Attack Treatment

Treatment of a gout attack is rarely simple. Why? because there are 3 points to consider, one of which can be very confusing.

We all want to achieve an end to gout pain. To control gout attacks, you will need:

  • Remedies to relieve immediate gout attack pain
  • Therapy to avoid gout attacks in future
  • A plan to adjust gout treatments as you gradually fix your gout

The third point is often ignored, but most important. Stopping a gout attack is one thing, but treatment to prevent more attacks is vital. When you start reducing uric acid, you might get more gout attacks. These are easy to deal with if you are prepared, so be sure to understand that your gout attack treatment plan must cover preparation, uric acid level monitoring with dose adjustment, uric acid deposit removal, early pain relief, and long-term maintenance.

The length of time to fix your gout will depend on how long you have had it, and how effectively you manage the treatment. There is no reason why all gout sufferers, unless there are other health complications, should not be completely free of gout symptoms in six to twelve months.

If this is not clear to you, please read Gout Treatments: Planning & Preparation.

Do not simply rely on your doctor’s advice, or the instructions for a natural gout remedy. You have to take control by knowing how to assess your current situation, and how to set targets for managing your plan towards becoming gout free. I cover details of how to do this in the Understanding Gout Section. This Gout Treatment Section is to describe all the different gout medications and other remedies for gout, so that you can choose a package of treatments that suit you.

Stop Gout: Your Personal Gout Treatment Plan

I am working on my personal gout treatment planning service – Stop Gout. I will help you create your own personal treatment plan. Be sure to subscribe to my gout update service so you do not miss the launch. You can follow my progress pre-launch in my Stop Gout pages.

Types Of Gout Treatment

Gout Treatment
As I explained in the Understanding Gout Section, your gout management plan can include selected drug therapies, natural gout cures, and lifestyle changes, or a combination. I deal with lifestyle changes in the Gout Diet section. When considering non-medical remedies, there is some overlap between diet and certain foods that have been attributed with healing properties. In these cases I will cover nutritional properties in the Gout Diet section, and healing properties here.

In most cases, gout medications have a specific role, and I have classified them accordingly. You can select a treatment to lower uric acid, and perhaps add pain relief treatment to help you during the early stages of urate lowering therapy when there are still gout flare risks.

Natural and other alternative treatments are less specific. This makes them more difficult to manage, as results are less predictable, and vary widely between people. Nevertheless, you must still manage uric acid first. However, many natural treatments, despite strong anecdotal evidence that they help gout sufferers, have not been assessed for uric acid lowering properties. In this regard, you must look to your own test results.

I explain gout medications and natural products or techniques that can be used to treat gout. I have divided them according to how they affect the Gout Pain Pathway.

Medical Gout Treatments

Treatment Type Page Description
Uric Acid Lowering Gout Medications To Avoid Gout Drugs that inhibit uric acid production, or encourage it’s excretion.
Urate Deposit Removal Treatment For Gout Lowering uric acid will cause most urate deposits do dissolve. Beyond that, tophi can be removed by surgery or draining. Kidney stones can be surgically removed, and have also been treated by sonic vibration.
Immune Response Treatment Anti-Inflammatory Gout Cure In addition to colchicine and a wide range of COX inhibitors, some treatments previously aimed at rheumatoid arthritis are effective at blocking different aspects of the immune response.
Gout Pain Blocking Gout Pain Relief Various analgesics block pain signals reaching the brain.
Upcoming Treatments Gout Medicine As our knowledge of uric acid responses and pain pathways grows, new targets for gout treatments are evolving.

Treatment Failure Gout

Whilst I am describing medical gout treatments, you should be aware of a phenomenon called treatment failure gout. This is sometimes referred to as intransigent or refractory gout. It applies to gout patients who do not respond to uric acid lowering treatments or who cannot tolerate them because of allergy or other health problems.

Treatment failure gout has spurred the pharmaceutical industry into developing alternatives to allopurinol. Uloric (febuxostat) is now widely available. Rasburicase has some limited applications, and Krystexxa (pegloticase) is gaining ground in severe treatment failure gout.

I will continue to report on new gout treatments as they develop, and add them to your list of gout treatment choices. You may also be interested in some background and figures about treatment failure gout.

Alternative Gout Treatments

Treatment Type Page Description
Uric Acid Lowering Gout Cures Natural uricosurics and xanthine oxidase inhibitors. This includes treatments that have been shown to lower uric acid where the mechanism is uncertain.
Diet Relief Natural Gout Remedy Foodstuffs and beverages that relieve gout pain.
Herbal Remedies Gout Home Remedies Dietary supplements, additives, and other preparations that relieve gout pain.
Other Non-Drug Treatments Gout Relief Physical, electronic, and other medication-free pain relievers.
Upcoming Treatments Gout Home Remedy Research Natural substances that are currently being investigated for gout treatment potential.

Treatment of Gout Research

In addition to the specific new treatments listed above, there is always lots of research into the general treatment of gout. Sometimes this leads to new treatments, sometimes it leads to new gout management techniques, and sometimes the research is just research. Even where no definite new gout treatments are found, general research gives us a better understanding of how gout reacts to different situations. If you want to know possible new directions for the treatment of gout, this research will keep you informed.

Next Gout Treatment Steps

Now you see that there is a wide range of gout treatments available, you need to plan what to do next.

If you are new to gout, you and your doctor will focus mainly on pain relief. Make sure you are aware of your options, and work with your doctor to see which is best for you. Sometimes combination therapies are most effective.

If you have had more than one gout attack, you must arrange with your doctor to start uric acid lowering treatment.

Gout Remedies

If you are still not sure, or if you do not understand your doctor’s advice, you can get more help discussing gout remedies.

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