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Gout Food List

Gout Food List is a list of all foods and drinks that I have summarized in GoutPal’s Gout Food Information Database. Also, you can suggest items I should add next.

Gout Food List Audience

I wrote Gout Food List for GoutPal Foodies. So, if you are unsure which type of gout person you are, read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

Gout Food List

Here is an alphabetic list of all items in the gout food database:

For each item in the list, I include nutrition facts about purines. Also, other factors affecting uric acid. Including calories, vitamin C, and acid/alkaline score. Finally, I include links to relevant science and related foods.

Planned Uric Acid Food List Additions

Here is an alphabetic list of items I plan to add to the gout food database:
Brussels Sprout
Green Beans
Pork Sausage
Sesame Seeds
Smoked Salmon
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet Corn

Gout Food List photo
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