Questions for Gout Sufferers is aimed at all gout sufferers. It helps you find the best gout help that is relevant to you.

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I wrote Questions for Gout Sufferers to help gout sufferers find the most relevant information on GoutPal. Because I cover every aspect of gout and uric acid on this website. So, different gout sufferers need different gout information. More importantly, it can be very distracting to read lots of information that is not relevant to your preferred style of gout treatment. However, I believe that all gout sufferers are individuals, so you might not need to choose a Gout Sufferer Type.

As you read in Introducing You And GoutPal, you have a choice of anonymous, casual, or structured help. If you prefer anonymous help, it’s important that you know which type of gout sufferer you are. But, if you want my personal help, you can skip all this. Just go straight to my gout forums. There, you are a person, not a type of gout sufferer. You can teach me about yourself and your gout. And, I will teach you your best way for you to solve your gout problems.

Questions for Gout Sufferers

Answer 5 simple questions to find out which type of gout sufferer you are. Then your answers will tell you which GoutPal Plan you should follow.

Note that GoutPal Plans are logical routes to follow when learning facts about gout. Always remember that GoutPal plans are driven by you and your professional health adviser. So you can pick elements from different plans. Or switch between plans and choose your own starting point. Because the notes that you make during each step will help you build your knowledge about seafood. Then when you discuss your options with your doctor (or other health professional), you will jointly decide your next step.

So start answering now…

Q1 Do you have an agreed gout diagnosis?

No, I definitely do not have gout!
GoutPal is here to help gout sufferers. So, I’m sorry, I can’t help you here. But, I might be able to help on another website. Ask Keith Anything.
I’m not sure!
You are an Arthritis Sufferer. So, follow that link to find out exactly what type of arthritis you have.
Yes, I definitely have gout!
Go to Question 2.

Q2 Is your gout caused by another identified, treatable, disease?

You are a Secondary Gout Sufferer. Perhaps you have obesity, sleep apnea, iron overload, or another treatable disease that can cause gout. So, follow that link to see how to manage your gout until you cure the underlying problem.
Go to Question 3.

Q3 How will you control your excess uric acid?

I don’t think I need to control uric acid!
You are a Gout Victim! So, follow that link to learn how to survive.
I can’t decide which type of uric acid lowering therapy is best for me!
You are a Gout Student. So, follow that link to decide if Pharmaceutical, Herbal, or Lifestyle control will suit you best.
I will mainly use Pharmaceutical Gout Medicine!
You are a Gout Patient. So, follow that link to select your best drug combination to safely control your gout. Then, return here each month to answer Question 5.
I will mainly use Herbal Gout Medicine!
You are a Gout Herbalist. So, follow that link to select your best herbal combination to naturally control your gout. Then, return here each month to answer Question 5.
I will mainly improve my lifestyle!
Go to Question 4.

Q4 Do you follow a nationally recognized healthy eating plan?

You are a Gout Foodie. So, follow that link to see how long before you become a Gout Dieter. Or, a Gout Victim!
You are a Gout Dieter. So, follow that link to learn how to tweak your diet for better uric acid control. Then, return here each month to answer Question 5.

Q5 Will your treatment plan make your uric acid safe?

Stay with your plan. And, share your gout recovery progress to encourage other gout sufferers.
Go back to Gout Student. And, ask your Gout Mentor about a better treatment plan that will make your uric acid safe.
Not Sure!
Review your current treatment plan. And, ask your Gout Mentor about improving your gout therapies.
Which Type Of Gout Sufferer image
Which Type Of Gout Sufferer Are You?

Next Step for Gout Sufferers

Now that you know your Gout Sufferer Type, you should read the plan details at the appropriate link above. To summarize, your choices are:

Then, you can follow your relevant gout management plan. Or, browse more information from the links in those pages. Please remember: these Gout Sufferer Types are how I help you navigate my website to find your best gout recovery options. Other organizations might have different definitions for types of gout sufferer.

Finally, if you cannot work out which type of gout sufferer you are, ask in the gout forums.

Please remember: to find more related pages that are relevant to you, use the search box near the top of every page.

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