Are you safely controlling your uric acid?
If not, GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims is for you.
It is a 7-step plan to avoid the dangers of ignoring excess uric acid.
Specifically, it helps you understand dangers of uric acid. And, why you must make uric acid safe.

This is part of a series of plans for all gout sufferers. First, answer Questions for Gout Sufferers. Then, use this GoutPal plan to understand how dangerous excess uric acid is. And, find ways to avoid those dangers.

GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims

Here is my step-by-step plan for Gout Victims. The GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims is different from many other plans. When you successfully complete other plans, you start to live your gout-free life. Or, you launch a different plan. But, if you ‘succeed’ with this Gout Victims plan, you become a loser in life. So I will be encouraging you to switch to a different plan.

The 7 step GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims is:

  1. Goals.
  2. Orientation.
  3. Uric.
  4. Trust.
  5. Plan.
  6. Accept.
  7. Loser.

Why do Gout Victims avoid controlling uric acid?

  • Doctor doesn’t understand safe uric acid levels.
  • Tried uric acid lowering, but it doesn’t work.
  • Believe excess uric acid is harmless.
  • Fear consequences of uric acid lowering treatment.

You might have other motives for avoiding uric acid control. So think about your situation. But don’t worry too much.

Is Excess Uric Acid Harmless?

Before I explain the GoutPal Victims Plan, I must explain why excess uric acid is dangerous.

Firstly, excess uric acid forms crystals in and around your joints. But remember, this is not just your big toe. Because gout will eventually spread to every joint. Then, it weakens each joint, causing permanent damage. So, you might cope with occasional gout attacks. But, you will not cope with damaged painful joints that restrict mobility. Especially as you get older.

Secondly, uric acid crystals spread beyond joints. Because they cause lumps, called tophi, in every organ except the brain. Then, as with joints, uric acid crystals cause permanent damage to organs. Finally, organs like the heart and kidneys become so damaged that gout is fatal.

Gout Victim or Arthritis Sufferer

There is some crossover between Gout Victims and Arthritis Sufferers. Because some gout symptoms are rare. Therefore, an Arthritis Sufferer might be unable to get a clear gout diagnosis due to rare symptoms not recognized as gout. Similarly, a Gout Victim might see that excess uric acid has rare symptoms. But, refuse to believe the symptoms need treatment.

Ultimately, these different plans are ways for individual gout sufferers to get started on their own personal gout recovery plan. So, you often find that you will combine different elements from different types of GoutPal Treatment Plans. This is never a problem. Because I always guide you where to look for the right resources during different steps of your plan. Therefore, you might like to check my plan for Arthritis Sufferers. Then decide which is the best starting point for you.

Gout Victims Plan

1. Personal Goals.
Essentially, this plan is all about understanding gout myths. Then choosing a different plan. So you only reach the end if you refuse to change. Perhaps your goal is simply to understand more. Or, whatever personal goals matter to you. Because personal goals will motivate you more.
2. Gout Victim Plan Orientation.
You’re on this plan because you know that you have gout. But you have no plan to treat uric acid. If you are not certain you have gout, go to the Arthritis plan. Otherwise, list all the reasons you don’t have a uric acid plan. I gave some examples above. Why do you avoid controlling uric acid?
3. Uric Acid.
Now we look at each of your reasons why you avoid uric acid lowering. For example, if you think excess uric acid is harmless, why do you think that? Have you been told that, or read it somewhere? Or perhaps you assumed it was safe because you had no symptoms. I explain common myths and misunderstandings. Usually with possible outcomes depending on whether you trust the explanation or ignore it.
4. Trust.
The most important part of your plan is deciding which information you trust. You might ask questions to clarify how my information applies to your situation. Hopefully, you will ask professional advice from your healthcare providers. Ultimately, it’s for you to decide if you trust my advice and go to step 5. Or reject my advice and go to step 6.
5. Personal Gout Victim Plan Change.
You review your progress notes and decide which of the treatment plans (patient, dieter, herbalist, scholar) you will switch to.
6. Accept Uric Acid Dangers.
AKA, “Are You Sure”? You might accept the dangers of untreated uric acid. In that case, move on to step 7. But, many Gout Victims will accept they must treat excess uric acid. So, you’ll probably move to GoutPal Scholar, or one of the other gout treatment plans. However, some Gout Victims return to Orientation to find more reasons to avoid treatment. No worries! I’m here to patiently help you.
7. Loser in life.
So, you remain convinced that excess uric acid is acceptable to you. I’m sorry to lose you. But, you can return for advice, any time you like. I’ll always help you cope with gout flares, and other symptoms. But, you’ll have to accept that I will keep trying to persuade you to get your uric acid safe.

GoutPal Victims image

Your Gout Victim Plan

Now you see the overview of a Gout Victim plan. So your best move is to print this page, Then, discuss with your doctor, or other health professional.

You can also see what other people in similar situations are doing. By reading the current Gout Victim Support discussions. But, remember the importance of personal gout management. Importantly, other gout sufferers may have different reasons to you, for not lowering uric acid.

If you want casual help with your Gout Victim plan, just ask in the gout forums. Or use the feedback form below. You can ask about any aspect of your gout, at any time.

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