EFSEP test for Gout Foodies tells gout sufferers if their eating plans are healthy.
Specifically, it helps you find a healthy foundation for improving gout food choices.

EFSEP test for Gout Foodies Audience

Obviously, I wrote EFSEP test for Gout Foodies. However, it might also be useful for GoutPal Dieters to confirm their Gout Foundation Diet is acceptable. Do you know your Gout Sufferer Type? If not, read Questions for Gout Sufferers, before you continue.

EFSEP test for Gout Foodies

EFSEP stands for Eat Food. Sufficient. Especially Plants.

I feel it’s so important, I’m creating a separate project to promote healthy recipes and eating plans. I’ll keep all Gout Foodies aware of developments. For now, here is the simple test I mentioned at Step 4 of GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. Also, I refer to it in the introduction to GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters.

Eat Food. This means that your food should be as natural as possible. We all like convenience food. But, food that’s laced with chemicals is not real food. It is bad for gout. And, food processed with chemicals is increasingly linked with many other diseases. Let’s work together to find tasty, healthy, alternatives to your favorite processed foods.

Sufficient. Match your food intake with your energy needs. There are lots of studies that support diseases linked to being overweight. Among those are several gout studies that prove a link between excess weight and excess uric acid.

Especially Plants. This is often the hardest part to deal with if you are used to meat for every meal. The secret to success is to change gradually. And, especially, find tasty plant-based recipes. I’ll help you choose between:

  • Vegetarian eating habits.
  • Meat as a flavoring (aka meat as a condiment).
  • Meat as a treat: i.e. occasional meat-based meals.

I call this a Gout Foundation Diet. Because it is your foundation for healthy eating, and it is usually a “pyramid” style diet. Pyramid diets are usually founded on healthy, regular exercise. Then mainly plant-based foods, in particular, a diverse mix of vegetables and fruit. Finally, small-intake food groups, including meat and fish, sit near the top of the pyramid. For example, Mediterranean eating style includes meat approximately twice monthly, and fish twice weekly. Since gradual change is easiest to achieve, many Gout Foodies start by slowly introducing DASH Diet on increasing numbers of days per week. Because DASH diets have higher limits for meat and fish. With a maximum of 2 servings per day.

So, the test is, can you say yes to all 3 EFSEP questions:

  1. Do you avoid processed foods? Or, actively trying to increase your percentage of natural whole foods?
  2. Do you have normal BMI? Or actively working towards healthy weight control?
  3. Do you restrict meat and fish consumption to Gout Foundation Diet Limits? Or, actively working to reduce meat/fish consumption to no more than 2 servings per day?

Meat as a Flavoring photo

Help with your EFSEP test

If you can answer yes to all three questions, you’ve passed the EFSEP test for Gout Foodies. That means, you can consider moving to the Gout Dieter Group (GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters). But, there is no need to rush.

Often, it’s best to stay in the Gout Foodie Group until you have confidence in your healthy diet.

Remember, you cannot base a good gout diet on bad eating habits. It’s best to gain confident healthy eating habits as a Gout Foodie. For some gout sufferers, that is enough to lower uric acid to safe levels. If not, you can use your EFSEP tested diet in the Gout Dieters Group. And, tweak it for better uric acid control.

Are you unsure if you are a Gout Foodie or a Gout Dieter?
Get personal help in the gout forums, now.

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