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Uric acid in the human body is a list of articles about various aspects of Uric Acid

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Uric Acid In The Body Definition

My definition of uric acid in the body is the same as my definition of uric acid. Although it has various biochemical properties, I am concerned with what happens to uric acid in the human body.

Uric acid in the body occurs as dissolved uric acid in the blood and other body fluids. It readily combines with other elements, chiefly sodium, when it forms monosodium urate. I use the term uric acid to include the pure form and as urates. At high concentrations, excess uric acid will form crystals that usually lead to gout and other diseases.

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Uric Acid Arthritis – Another Name For Gout

Another Name For Gout If we called gout uric acid arthritis would we get better treatment? Gout is an old-fashioned word. It is true that people associate gout with pain. But they also associate it with excessive luxurious living – the “rich man’s disease,” or “disease of kings,” which is not true. Because most gout…

Hyperuricemia – Excess Uric Acid

Hyperuricemia means elevated uric acid. Everyone knows that excess uric acid causes gout. But is it that simple?No, there are many issues. Where does uric acid come from? You can’t buy it. Your body produces it by breaking down proteins. If you have too much, you’ve got hyperuricemia. I’ve covered 4 main reasons for excess…

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