How do I stop Gout Pain?

You want to stop gout pain.

I can help you, but I need to know exactly what you want.

Do you want to stop gout pain now, or do you want to stop gout pain returning?

Stop Gout Pain Now

Gout pain during an acute gout flare is one of the worst pains imaginable. You need it to stop.

It took me several years of misery before I understood how to stop gout pain. I will save you the time, the fear, and the agony, by telling you exactly how to stop gout pain now. That means, you do not need to take time off work. You do not have to miss important social engagements. You do not have to suffer.

Are you wondering how much this is going to cost you?

As far as I am concerned, not a cent, though you will have to pay your pharmacist.

I say pharmacist rather than herbalist, or other pain management specialist. Personally, this is my choice, but you might prefer other options. Below, I explain 3 aspects of gout pain. Whether you choose pharmaceutical or herbal gout medicine, your treatment plan must consider all 3 aspects.

Stop Gout Pain Naturally

I have not found any herbal preparation for pain relief that is strong enough to control a gout flare up. Having said that, everyone is different when it comes to gout. If you want to explore herbal or dietary products for gout pain relief, please read Natural Gout Remedy and Gout Home Remedies.

Other non-medicine pain treatments can work for gout. I have had some success with TENS machine to relieve gout pain. You should also check other forms of non-medicine gout pain relief.

Though non-pharmaceutical alternatives can be effective for minor gout pain, I recommend you focus on lowering uric acid. That will remove the risk of gout flares returning, so you will not need pain treatment. If your gout pain is not too serious, use it as a reminder to get your uric acid safe. If your gout pain is serious, I recommend that you tackle some or all of the 3 aspects of gout pain with drugs. This should only be a short-term measure until you get uric acid under control.

Stop Gout Pain with Pharma

Get rid of your gout pain.
The important rules about stopping gout pain are:

  • You need pain relief combinations. A single drug is not sufficient to treat the 3 aspects of gout pain.
  • You need gout strength dose. Over the counter dose is often insufficient for full blown gout flares. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the correct dose for gout pain.

The 3 aspects of gout pain that you need to tackle are:

  1. Stop inflammation spreading. For this, you need Colcrys (colchicine), but avoid it if you have any form of infection or weakened immune system. You need one tablet at the first sign of a gout attack. If pain is still intense after 2 hours, take another. Never take more than 2 colchicine pills per day.
  2. Reduce inflammation. There are a wide range of anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are taking colchicine, but have not taken it early enough, you can take all common anti-inflammatories at the same time as your first colchicine tablet, then at the intervals advised by your pharmacist. Your pharmacist or doctor can advise you of your choices for anti-inflammatories that are compatible with other drugs.
  3. Block pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs can take time to reduce swelling and relieve your pain. Your third line of attack is a general analgesic. Again, get professional advice on a suitable choice of pain-killer that is compatible with other drugs. It is usual practice to alternate analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs every two hours, or whatever half the dosing period is of your particular combination.

Please note that, I recommend colchicine as the first step, because it is particularly effective as a gout pain preventative, and safe if taken carefully. If you have doubts, you can omit it and rely on the anti-inflammatories from step 2. Colchicine has a poor prescribing history, with many reports of inappropriate dosing. This led to restrictions for dosing of a maximum of 2 tablets per day. Unfortunately, it also led to a licensing arrangement that makes colchicine extremely expensive when sold as Colcrys.

More about Stopping Gout Pain

Note that long term use of any form of pain relief carries increasing risks of serious side effects. After your second gout attack, you must seek treatment to stop gout pain returning.

Stop Gout Pain Returning

Is your uric acid level safe?
To stop gout pain returning, you must maintain uric acid levels no higher than 5mg/dL. Do not accept any figure higher than that. Many doctors will accept a higher figure, but it is not their joints that are being destroyed.

There are many ways of lowering uric acid. The first choice is allopurinol. For other options, please see my Gout Treatment guidelines, or ask in the gout support forum.

How Do I Stop Gout Pain 2016 Update

I am creating step-by-step plans for your gout treatment. These are general templates that you can customize with your health adviser or in my gout forums. Please see Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016.

Leave How do I stop Gout Pain to browse the
Gout Treatment guidelines.

TL;DR - How do I stop Gout Pain?

How do I stop Gout Pain?
  1. Decide if you want to stop gout pain now, prevent more gout attacks, or both.
  2. Decide on your mix of pharmaceutical or natural gout medicine.
  3. Get personal gout treatment from your healthcare advisers.

If you need help with any of those, ask in GoutPal's Gout Forum.

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