Gout home remedies (also called gout home treatment) include herbal supplements, additions to diet, and other natural preparations that help relieve gout pain, or lower uric acid.

There is some overlap with the food and beverage pages. Where gout remedies could be considered as part of ones diet, e.g. cherries & cherry juice, I include them in the diet relief pages. Where they are food based, but not normally consumed in the manner recommended for gout relief, e.g. Black Bean Broth, I include them here.

There are many herbal preparations sold as gout home remedies. In my experience, these are almost always a waste of money. In many cases, there is absolutely no evidence to support the use of some ingredients for gout relief. In other cases, although there is some evidence for anti-inflammatory properties, the preparations are too weak to be effective.

Please note that the preparations listed here are for relieving gout pain. They have negligible effects on uric acid, but in the long-term, you must seek uric acid lowering therapies, as described elsewhere in this Gout Treatment Section.

Black Bean Broth
This natural remedy for gout is cheap and easy to make. It was introduced by a GoutPal reader in the gout forum, where there are other suggestions for adding herbs and spices to improve flavor, as well as discussions about sourcing black beans. Type black bean broth into the search box above to see all the information.
Flax Seed
Is there a benefit of flax seed oil for gout? There are even more benefits from the crushed seed. Flax seed is great for gout.

Flaxseed Gout Home Remedy

If you have a favorite home remedy for gout, please share it in the gout remedies forum, where you can also ask opinions on commercial gout home remedies.

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