Uric Acid Level 5 Safe

This uric acid level picture is the featured image for How Your Uric Acid Level Changes.

The high-5 means exactly that for gout sufferers – 5 is high. It is the highest level of uric acid that you should ever get. Ignore traditional values of “high, normal or low.” Those statistical labels are meaningless for gout diagnosis, and for gout treatment. You must get uric acid to 5mg/dL or below.

If your uric acid level is higher than 5, you will get uric acid crystals. These start in colder joints, but eventually spread throughout your body. In joints, they stop bones, tendons, and cartilage from self-repairing, risking permanent joint damage. In soft tissues, they damage organs, risking kidney and heart disease which can be fatal.

Stay safe, and keep your uric acid level to 5 or below.

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