Are you uncertain if you have gout? Then, GoutPal Plan for Arthritis Sufferers is for you. It is a 7-step plan for checking your gout diagnosis. Specifically, it helps you decide if you have gout or a different type of arthritis.

This is part of a series of plans for all gout sufferers. First, answer Questions for Gout Sufferers. Then, use this GoutPal plan to see if any type of gout therapy will help you.

GoutPal Plan for Arthritis Sufferers

Here is my step-by-step plan for Arthritis Sufferers. In particular, you should read through each step carefully. But, if you are anxious to start now, see how to get your own personal Arthritis Sufferers plan, below.

The 7 step GoutPal Plan for Arthritis Sufferers is:

  1. Goals.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Undertaking.
  4. Tests.
  5. Plans.
  6. Assess.
  7. Launch.

People in the Arthritis Sufferer Group have gout-like symptoms. But, they are not certain if they have gout or a different type of arthritis. My gift for arthritis sufferers is a step-by-step plan to find out which arthritis they are suffering.

Arthritis Sufferer’s Step-by-Step Plan

1. Personal Goals.
What do you want to achieve? Make this as personal as you can. It might be to find the reason for your swollen joints. But, it is better to set personal goals. So, you might include dancing without pain, in your goals. Be as personal as you can, when setting your goals. That way, you’ll be more motivated to stay with your plan. If you want to start an Arthritis Sufferers plan now, tell me your personal gout goals in the forums.
2. Arthritis Sufferer Plan Objectives.
All Arthritis Sufferer plans try to clarify gout diagnosis. But, why is gout diagnosis doubtful? Choose which is your objective:
  • Prove your doctor’s gout diagnosis, when you are uncertain that you have gout.
  • Convince your doctor that you need gout treatment when your doctor says you don’t have gout.
  • Decide if you have gout, without consulting a doctor.
3. Your Arthritis Sufferer Undertakings.
You undertake to seek a definitive gout diagnosis. Where this proves impossible, you might undertake to assume you have gout. Then, you can try a gout therapy to see if it resolves your symptoms.

Doubts can happen if you have unusual gout symptoms. Since many people, including some doctors, think that gout is limited to a swollen big toe. But gout is very common in feet, ankles, knees, fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows. Also, it is common to get lumps of uric acid crystals, called tophi, under the skin. So, in this step, we will look at common gout symptoms. However, there are also some rare symptoms that people often refuse to recognize as gout. Therefore, there is some overlap with Step 4 of the GoutPal Victims Plan.

4. Tests for Arthritis Sufferers.
Every arthritis sufferer should take a uric acid blood test. Also, you might consider joint fluid analysis and advanced imaging scans. Also, if you or your doctors suspect other forms of arthritis, you might need specific tests.
5. Personal Arthritis Sufferers Plans.
Plans involve investigating possibilities from test results. Essentially, you learn about different types of arthritis.
6. Assess possible arthritis types.
We assess how gout, or another type of arthritis, matches your symptoms and test results. If you don’t have gout, it’s time to say goodbye. If gout seems most likely, move on to launch your next plan. But, what if there is still no obvious correct diagnosis? In that case, we might return to Objectives or Undertakings. Or, we might assume you have gout to see if gout treatment will resolve your symptoms.
7. Launch your chosen gout treatment plan.
Finally, you know that you have real, or assumed gout. You can now launch a GoutPal Gout Recce plan. Or, you might have already decided between:

Arthritis Sufferer photo

Your Arthritis Sufferers Plan

If you like to remain anonymous, print this page, Then, discuss with your doctor, professional nutritionist, or other Gout Mentor.

If you want personal help with your Arthritis Sufferers plan, just ask in the gout forums. Together, we can create your own step-by-step plan to diagnose your arthritis.

Leave GoutPal Plan for Arthritis Sufferers to consider other gout management plans.

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