Most GoutPal visitors know that the only way to stop gout is to control uric acid. So you look at different medicines, different herbs, or different foods. But are you looking in the right place?

There are three types of Uric acid treatments – Blockers, Cleaners, and Transformers. So how do you know Which type of Uric Acid Treatment is best for you?

Uric Acid Treatment Purpose

I’ve written this uric acid treatment article to help gout sufferers who accept they must control uric acid. But are confused by all the choices available. Because it’s hard to discuss treatment options with health professionals. If you don’t understand those options. Or you don’t understand why different doctors prefer different treatments.

This supports the Purpose of But only if you have been diagnosed with gout and accept that you need uric acid treatment. So if you are in doubt, read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

Uric Acid Treatment Approaches

For those of you familiar with my Questions for Gout Sufferers. You know that I explain different approaches for:

But whichever approach you take you need to know that treatments can work on uric acid in three different ways. This is important in every uric acid treatment plan. Because medicines, herbs, and food treatments all work in one or more of these three different ways. So you must be aware of the three different types of uric acid treatments…

Uric Acid Treatment Types

In medical uric acid treatments I describe these three types as Inhibitors, Uricosurics, and Converters. Now that was my first attempt to explain the importance of these different types. But I still feel it can be simpler. So now I refer to these types as…

Uric Acid Blockers

For gout patients, the most common uric acid treatment is allopurinol. Also, febuxostat is increasingly prescribed as a standard medical treatment for uric acid control. Medically, these are classed as Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors. Because they block the enzyme that our bodies need to create uric acid.

In practice this is usually the best option. Similar to guarding the door in a nightclub, allopurinol blocks trouble from uric acid before it starts. So if it works, we don’t need to consider the other uric acid treatment types.

But we know that some people cannot tolerate medical uric acid blockers. Or they are not effective enough. Certainly when we look at natural foods it is hard to create a diet with sufficient uric acid blocking strength. So we might concentrate the blocking effects in herbal treatments. However, some gout sufferers will never block enough uric acid production to remain gout-free.

Uric Acid Cleaners

Our kidneys play a vital role in excreting uric acid from our bodies. But many people have reduced ability from genetics, kidney disease, or other kidney damage. However, uric acid cleaners help kidneys to excrete more uric acid. So some gout patients are described uricosuric drugs such as probenecid. Also, many foods have these uric acid cleaning properties. That might be concentrated as herbal extracts.

Uric Acid Transformers

It is well known that as humans evolved we lost the ability to transform uric acid into a harmless byproduct – allantoin. But the human gut is home to less-evolved creatures. So bacteria can transform uric acid through the digestive tract. Also, medical uric acid transformers such as Krystexxa are successful in some cases.

For natural foods and herbal extracts there are fewer known uric acid transformers compared to other treatment types. But as I learn about them I will bring them to your attention.

My Uric Acid Treatment

In my early years of gout discovery I was obsessed with food. Trying to avoid ‘bad’ foods and eat more ‘good’ foods. But I never tackled the basics of good gout diet management. Also, I never had faith in over-priced herbal remedies. So I stumbled on until I was forced to take action. Then I found gout recovery using the uric acid blocker – allopurinol.

Now I still have a keen interest in improving my diet. So hopefully I might reduce my reliance on allopurinol. More importantly, I’m aware that gout diet management plans can take several years to be effective. So I would encourage dieters to consider short term allopurinol treatment. Because that should halt damage from uric acid crystals until you establish better eating habits.

To help you identify the different types of uric acid treatment, I will review all my relevant articles. Then I will tag them appropriately and link them to relevant gout forums where you can discuss uric acid treatments that are right for you.

Your Uric Acid Treatment

You can see that allopurinol as a uric acid blocker will quickly start your gout recovery. But if that is not suitable, you need to understand the different types of uric acid treatment. Then you can discuss alternatives with your health professionals. Because your first step will be to get your uric acid excretion rate tested.

If you need help to choose the right uric acid treatment ask in the gout forum. Or use the feedback form below.

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