Almonds Lower Uric Acid Chart

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid is my layman’s review of a uric acid study into almonds. So you can see that almonds can improve your gout foundation diet.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid Audience

I wrote Almonds for Lower Uric Acid for Gout Dieters who want to improve their gout diet. So, to benefit from this research, you should have a good gout foundation diet. Also, you need a plan to reduce uric acid using natural diet improvements. If you do not have a clear plan for making uric acid safe, you should start with GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. Or, read Are Almonds Good For Gout Foodies.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid

This is my review of an investigation into the effects of almonds on uric acid[1]. As this is a randomized control trial, it is strong evidence that almonds are effective at lowering uric acid in humans. However, we need additional, gout-specific, research. Because this study:

  • Is about heart disease patients rather than gout sufferers.
  • Only covers a 12 week period.
  • Does not consider possible reasons why almonds lower uric acid.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid Report

The report starts with a general description of high uric acid and heart disease. Then, it refers to earlier research showing that almonds lower uric acid in rats[2].

Next, we see that the study splits 150 subjects into 3 groups:

  1. A control group with zero almond intake.
  2. PA group with 10g Pakistani Almonds per day.
  3. AA group with 10g American Almonds per day.

Also, these groups are divided between males and females. So, this gives six groups with various starting levels for uric acid. Then, we can see how different treatments changed uric acid levels over 12 weeks.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid Results

GroupStart UAEnd UA% Decrease
No Almonds (M)
No Almonds (F)
Pakistani Almonds (M)6.95.815.9
Pakistani Almonds (F)5.74.914.0
American Almonds (M)6.85.617.6
American Almonds (F)5.64.617.9
UA = Uric Acid (measured in mg/dL). Before charting these values (below), I combined male and female values as an average.
As well as averages, charts in the original report show ranges. So, expect personal results to be slightly higher or lower than these averages.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid Summary

10g per day of almonds significantly reduces uric acid after 12 weeks. But, we need more research to study effects beyond 12 weeks. Also, we need further analysis of specific components of almonds. Because that will help to plan how adding almonds to a gout diet might work best, in practice.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid Chart
Almonds Lower Uric Acid Chart

Your Almonds for Lower Uric Acid

In conclusion, you can see that almonds can lower uric acid in humans. But, there are no specific gout studies that can tell you the best way to add almonds to your diet. So, you have to balance the positive effects of almonds with the risk of weight gain. Because almonds, like all nuts, are a rich energy source. Therefore you must ensure you do not increase almonds in such a way to increase your BMI above normal[3].

Similarly, more research might reveal a better understanding of why almonds are good for lowering uric acid. Then that might help us judge how best to add almonds to our gout diet. But, for now, it is good to know that almonds will generally help uric acid. Though you must take care not to upset your nutritional balance with too many almonds.

Now that you know almonds can lower your uric acid, you have to think carefully. Because there are no studies yet to tell you what is the best way to include almonds in your diet. So, it’s best to discuss almonds with your Gout Mentor. Or, get personal gout diet help from GoutPal.

Finally, the key points to remember about almonds for lower uric acid are:

  • Almonds lower uric acid.
  • Always keep variety and balance in your gout diet.
Almonds lower uric acid.
But, don’t go nuts about a single uric acid lowering food.

Leave Almonds for Lower Uric Acid to browse more GoutPal Dieters Plan Step 5 (Plans) Resources.

Almonds for Lower Uric Acid References

  1. Jamshed, Humaira, Fateh Ali Tipoo Sultan, Faridah Amin, Jamshed Arslan, Sumaira Ghani, and Madiha Masroor. “Almond supplementation reduces serum uric acid in coronary artery disease patients: a randomized controlled trial.” Nutrition journal 15, no. 1 (2016): 77. Almonds and Uric Acid in Humans PDF.
  2. Jamshed, Humaira, and Anwar H. Gilani. “Almonds inhibit dyslipidemia and vascular dysfunction in rats through multiple pathways.” The Journal of nutrition 144.11 (2014): 1768-1774. Almonds and Uric Acid in Rats PDF.
  3. Keith C Taylor. “Losing Weight With Gout Foods To Avoid“. GoutPal July 2012.

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TL;DR - Almonds for Lower Uric Acid

This information is most useful to Gout Dieters.

Key points to remember about almonds for lower uric acid are:

Need more help? Then get personal gout diet help from GoutPal.

Almonds lower uric acid.
But, don't go nuts about a single uric acid lowering food.

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