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Gout Foods Table for Legumes

The gout foods table for legumes covers key foods in the Legumes and Legume Products group from the USDA food database.

My gout foods tables are based on a serving size that provides 100 calories (Kcals) of energy. This is different from most earlier food tables on GoutPal. I explain why in my gout foods table introduction, where you can learn all about these tables. If you are new to my gout foods tables, it is very important that you read that introduction, and understand what these tables are about.

Legumes are the fruit or seeds of a specific family of plants. They are generally considered to be a healthy protein source for gout sufferers. Though a vegetable, legumes are often a better alternative to items from the Gout Foods Table for Meat. In the case of peanuts, you will find many relevant comparisons in the Gout Foods Table for Nuts. Note that some out-of-date references might still include some legumes as foods high in uric acid. As I explain in that table, and the notes around my purine rich foods table, vegetable proteins are unlikely to raise uric acid levels.

Long Description 100 Kcal Serve(g) Vitamin C (mg) PRAL Score Iron (mg) GoutPal Index
Soymilk, original and vanilla, with added calcium, vitamins A and D 233 0 -4 1 3.2
Refried beans, canned, traditional style (includes USDA commodity) 110 7 -2 2 2.2
GoutPal Imaginary Standard 100 Kcal Serving 100 3 -2 1 1.9
Beans, pinto, mature seeds, raw 29 2 -3 1 0.7
Beans, black, mature seeds, raw 29 0 -4 1 0.6
Soy sauce made from soy and wheat (shoyu) 189 0 -3 3 0.1
Beans, baked, canned, plain or vegetarian 106 0 -1 1 0.1
Beans, kidney, red, mature seeds, canned 123 1 0 2 -0.1
Beans, white, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt 72 0 -4 3 -0.2
Beans, pinto, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt 70 1 -1 1 -0.3
Average Legumes Standard 100 Kcal Serving 72 1 -1 2 -0.3
Beans, baked, canned, with franks 70 2 1 1 -0.4
Peanuts, all types, oil-roasted, with salt 17 0 1 0 -0.7
Peanuts, all types, oil-roasted, without salt 17 0 1 0 -0.7
Peanuts, all types, dry-roasted, with salt 17 0 1 0 -0.8
Peanuts, all types, dry-roasted, without salt 17 0 1 0 -0.8
Peanut butter, smooth style, with salt 17 0 1 0 -0.8
Peanut butter, smooth, reduced fat 19 0 1 0 -0.9
Beans, baked, canned, with pork and tomato sauce 106 3 -1 3 -1.2
Beans, kidney, red, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt 79 1 0 2 -1.3
Lentils, raw 29 1 2 2 -2.5
Lentils, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt 86 1 2 3 -2.8

The table is sorted in GoutPal Index order, where my Index is based on the best of all relevant nutrients. This is fine, as all vegetables are good, so you should concentrate on variety.

Soon, you will be able to sort the table by different columns. If you want to know when these improvements to gout foods tables are available, please subscribe to my free gout information update service.

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