The dairy and egg acid-alkaline food table is the first I have moved to my food diary website. I retain the introductory notes here, as these are most relevant to gout sufferers.

If you are looking for gout food to not eat, it could be almost anything.

All food will affect gout in some way.

Remember, you are what you eat.

Instead of trying to find specific gout food to not eat, you need to look at your whole diet. Dairy and egg products are a better source of protein than meat or fish for gout sufferers. Don’t forget though, that what you eat will become meat in the form of your body tissue. You need to feed your body in a healthy way, or this tissue will break down and worsen your gout.

Cheese is a good example of how making small changes can reap rewards for your health. Cottage cheese has a much higher content of alkaline producing whey than regular cheese. You will still have to balance this with other alkaline foods, but you can eat less.

Cottage Cheese for Gout photo
Is Cottage Cheese helping your gout?

Remember to read and understand my explanation of Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) for gout sufferers before you consult this food table. The pH balance of your meals is important, but you must also maintain an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals and control calories.

Even more importantly, do not fall into the trap of believing that gout is a food-related illness. Diet can play a part in managing gout if your diet is bad, but gout has many other causes besides bad diet. You can read more about the effects of food, drink, and lifestyle in the gout diet section. However, you should first read the Gout Symptoms section to help determine the cause of your gout, followed by the Gout Treatment section to help you develop your own personal gout management plan.

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