Gout Foods Table for Snacks

The gout foods table for snacks covers key foods in the Snacks group from the USDA food database.

My gout foods tables are based on a serving size that provides 100 calories (Kcals) of energy. This is different from most earlier food tables on GoutPal. I explain why in my gout foods table introduction, where you can learn all about these tables. If you are new to my gout foods tables, it is very important that you read that introduction, and understand what these tables are about.

Snacks should never form a major part of your diet. I even toyed with the idea of reducing the calorie size for this table. However, this would make the comparison with other tables impossible. What you must never do is miss snacks from your total daily intake summary. I believe that, used wisely, snacks can play a big part in helping you achieve the diet you want. However, snacks only help if you control them, not let them control you.

Your best way to manage snacks is:

  • Count every calorie
  • Always keep healthy snacks such as fruit and whole foods to hand
  • Plan a snack time between meals, but do not treat it as an absolute necessity
  • Stop work or play when you are snacking. If you eat when you are doing something else, you tend to eat more.

Gout Foods Table for Snacks

Long Description 100 Kcal Serve(g) Vitamin C (mg) PRAL Score Iron (mg) GoutPal Index
Formulated bar, ZONE PERFECT CLASSIC CRUNCH BAR, mixed flavors 24 28 4 1 6.9
Snacks, potato chips, reduced fat 21 5 -6 0 4.7
Formulated bar, POWER BAR, chocolate 28 25 2 3 3.9
Snacks, potato chips, plain, salted 18 3 -5 0 3.6
GoutPal Imaginary Standard 100 Kcal Serving 100 3 -2 1 1.9
Snack, potato chips, made from dried potatoes, plain 18 1 -2 0 1.4
Average Snacks 100 Kcal Serving 22 4 0 1 0.7
Snacks, potato chips, white, restructured, baked 21 0 -1 0 0.6
Snacks, corn-based, extruded, chips, plain 19 0 0 0 -0.2
Snacks, corn-based, extruded, puffs or twists, cheese-flavor 18 0 0 0 -0.5
Snacks, tortilla chips, plain, yellow corn 20 0 1 0 -0.5
Snacks, tortilla chips, plain, white corn 21 0 1 0 -0.6
Snacks, popcorn, oil-popped, microwave, regular flavor 17 0 1 0 -0.6
Breakfast bars, oats, sugar, raisins, coconut (include granola bar) 22 0 1 1 -1.0
Snacks, popcorn, microwave, low fat 24 0 2 1 -1.2
Pretzels, soft 30 0 1 1 -1.6
Snacks, pretzels, hard, plain, salted 26 0 1 1 -1.6
Snacks, popcorn, air-popped 26 0 2 1 -1.8

Snacks are listed in GoutPal Index order, which is great for most people’s needs. Do you have special nutritional goals with personal allowances for energy, vitamin C, pH balancing, or iron? Soon, you will be able to sort the table by those factors. If you want to know when these improvements to gout foods tables are available, please subscribe to my free gout information update service.

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