Gout Foods: Peaches and Gout

Peaches and gout is #96 in your top 100 gout topics.

As fruits go, there is nothing particularly special about peaches. Well, not in relation to gout. Personally, I find them delicious, but there is very little to make them stand out from other fruits, in gout terms. Maybe one of the reasons that people like to see if there is a gout connection is because peaches are related to cherries.

Looking elsewhere, I was surprised to see that some people hold peaches in high regard because of their vitamin C content. I find that surprising. Because I never included peaches in my list of high vitamin C food sources. When I investigated this, I realized that I only listed the top 50 from over 500 key foods. Had I continued, I would have included peaches at #72.

So, peaches are certainly a good source of vitamin C. We know that vitamin C is good for gout, but other factors are also important. Besides these other factors, it is crucial to planning a healthy gout diet that you consider total food intake. You can certainly take an individual food, such as peaches, and see if there are better options. But how do you know which foods are better if you do not consider all the factors?

In this series of top things associated with gout, many of the topics have referred to old gout foods tables. These were based on lists of foods for planning an alkalizing gout diet menu. There was too much detail, and insufficient relevance to gout, and so I moved all the detail to a new nutrition website. Whilst reviewing peaches and gout, I wondered how I could put peaches, and all other gout foods back into context, then I realized how.

Peaches and Gout Inspire New Gout Foods Tables

Are peaches good for gout, or fruit to avoid?

Gout sufferers often focus on purines, but there are other factors that influence gout. In some ways, these other factors are more important, because they go to the heart of healthy diet planning. Diets based only on purine control are often boring, and they often ignore other important health factors. I explain the other factors in the Gout Foods Guidelines.

Inspired by my thoughts about peaches and gout, I am extending those guidelines with lists of key nutrition factors of key foods. I’ve started these lists with Gout Foods Table for Fruit and Juices. This highlights the importance of fruit in your gout diet. One-sixth of all you eat should be fruits or whole juices. Variety is important, so if you like peaches, be sure to eat them when you can.

The 95th topic in my top 100 gout searches comes next, with some interesting news for meat-eaters. After that, a few more key food topics will push me to extend the gout foods tables to cover more food groups. Please subscribe to the free gout update service to make sure you don’t miss them.

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