Citrus for Gout is my overview of science that shows how citrus fruits can help your gout. Also, I introduce a new list of citrus and other foods that should naturally lower your uric acid. (If you manage your eating habits properly!)

Citrus for Gout Audience

I wrote Citrus for Gout for Gout Foodies who want to eat foods that will help their gout. Also, for Gout Dieters who want to improve specific aspects of their diet to improve uric acid test results. So, if you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, start reading Questions for Gout Sufferers now.

Citrus for Gout Overview

My orange juice & gout article is very popular with gout sufferers who want the facts about oranges and gout. But I’ve recently realized it needs updating. So, I’m going to reformat that article and relaunch it.

Also, whilst checking for updated research, I have realized that lemons and other citrus fruits are also good for gout. So, I will soon publish articles on those fruits.

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Best Citrus for Gout Summary

Unfortunately, there have not been any gout studies that show the best citrus fruit for gout. But there is a common theme across most of these uric acid studies. Because uric acid test results seem to be affected by the amount hesperetin. So, I have produced a table from the USDA flavonoid database showing the amount of hesperetin per 100 g of each food.

Before you study the table, you should note:

  • I’ve listed the average results from the database.
  • Individual food nutrients are affected by many factors. Including variety, growing season, method of preparation and cooking.
  • My list includes all hesperetin-containing foods from the USDA database. Including foods that are not citrus fruits, juices, or citrus-containing products. But, there will be other sources of hesperetin that have not been tested.
  • There are no studies to prove or disprove a clear link between hesperetin and gout in humans.
  • Fruits contain other nutrients that are good for gout. For example, Vitamin C. So, be careful to maintain a good balance of other nutrients.

Food Hesperetin mg per 100g
Juice, tangelo 74.89
Limes, raw (Citrus latifolia) 43.00
Yuzu, raw 28.73
Lemons, raw, without peel (Citrus limon) 27.90
Oranges, raw, all commercial varieties (Citrus sinensis) 27.25
Juice, orange, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, diluted with 3 volume water 26.21
Juice, tangerine, frozen concentrate, sweetened, diluted with 3 volume water 22.01
Oranges, raw, navels (Citrus sinensis) 21.87
Juice, tangor (e.g., murcot or temple) 19.25
Juice, tangor, diluted from frozen concentrate (ex. Murcot or temple) 19.06
Juice, tangerine, raw 17.11
Juice, orange, chilled, includes from concentrate 16.38
Juice, lemon, raw 14.47
Juice, lemon, canned or bottled 13.43
Juice, blood orange 12.72
Juice, orange, raw 11.95
Juice, sour orange 10.74
Peppermint, fresh (Mentha x piperita L. nothosubsp. piperita) 10.16
Juice, lime, raw 8.97
Pummelo, raw (Citrus maxima) 8.40
Tangerines, (mandarin oranges), raw (Citrus reticulata) 7.94
Jams and preserves, sour orange 4.02
Juice, grapefruit, white, raw 2.35
Juice, pummelo, raw 1.79
Grapefruit, raw (not specified as to color) (Citrus paradisi) 1.50
Juice, grapefruit, white, canned, unsweetened 0.81
Juice, grapefruit, pink, raw 0.78
Tropical fruit juice 0.75
Grapefruit, raw, white, all areas (Citrus paradisi) 0.64
Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, red 0.63
Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, white 0.40
Grapefruit, raw, pink and red, all areas (Citrus paradisi) 0.35

As you can see, there are many hesperetin foods that are not citrus fruits. But, I am not aware they have ever been tested for uric acid lowering properties. So, you should not rely just on this list to tell you what to eat. At best, it is a list of foods that are unlikely to make your uric acid worse. But I’ve added some pointers below that might help you use citrus fruits more effectively.
Citrus for Gout - Delicious Natural Gout Treatment
Citrus Fruits for Gout – Delicious Natural Gout Treatment

Citrus for Your Gout

For Gout Dieters, you know from your plan that you have to compare any food changes against your uric acid test results. But you must also ensure that your gout diet remains healthy across all food groups. So, it is best, at least to start with, to just add a few portions of citrus fruit each week. Then you can reduce some of your other fruits or vegetables to stay balanced. As usual, I can give more personal help about any aspect of your gout diet in the gout forum.

For Gout Foodies, you can change your food intake in a similar way. But you won’t have the benefit of knowing how those changes are helping your uric acid. Therefore, I recommend you switch from Foodie to Dieter plan as soon as you can. Again, I can give more personal help about any aspect of your gout food in the gout forum.

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