Pictures of Gout in Fingers Warning

I use Pictures of Gout in Fingers to replace my original illustration for Tophi Finger Pictures and Information. Because that original image contains shocking photographs of damage caused by tophi in fingers.

Please note, I do not intend to offend anyone with gruesome pictures of gouty tophi in fingers. But I do want to emphasize the horrendous nature of untreated gout. So I have included the original gruesome gouty finger photographs below. However, I believe that it is vital for gout sufferers to understand the consequences of allowing gout to progress to this dangerous stage.

Prevent Gruesome Gout in Fingers

It is easy to prevent gout developing to the point where tophi form in your fingers. But only if you take control of your uric acid levels. That means:

  1. Understand what your safe level for uric acid is.
  2. Work with your chosen health professional to get uric acid safe.

As far as the second point is concerned, I provide plans that help you chose the right health professional for your goals and treatment preferences. Also, I help you learn the right questions to ask and how to understand your professional health advice. In a nutshell, I help you work with your doctor(s) to get an effective gout recovery plan. So if you do not have such a plan, I suggest you answer Questions for Gout Sufferers now.

Gruesome Gouty Finger Photographs

This is your final warning.

The following photographs have prompted complaints from visitors due to gruesome imagery of damage to fingers from untreated gout. If you do not want to see these potentially shocking images, please return to Tophi Finger Pictures and Information.

Otherwise, continue to scroll down to view the original illustrations of gout in fingers.

Tophi On The Index Finger

Tophi On Index Finger Photographs
Tophi On Index Finger Photos - click for details

Index Finger Tophi Pictures

Index Finger Tophi Pictures
Index Finger Tophi Pictures

Leave Pictures of Gout in Fingers to read Tophi Finger Pictures and Information.

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