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  1. Purpose.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Nutrition Facts.
  4. Is Kale high in Purines?.
  5. Kale & Uric Acid.
  6. Is Kale Good for Gout?.
  7. Is Kale Bad for Gout?.
  8. Gout and Kale Studies.
  9. Your Kale and Gout.
  10. Related Topics.

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Kale and Gout is my gout food information page for Kale. Because I explain various properties of kale that have been linked to uric acid and gout.

Many gout newbies ask, “is kale good or bad for gout?” But like most newbie questions, the real answer lies in getting a deeper understanding of how diet affects your uric acid treatment plan. However, if you insist on an answer, my response has to be “yes, kale is generally good for gout in most cases. So feel free to include kale in the dark green vegetables list for your eating plan.”

So if that answered your concerns about gout and kale, you can leave this kale page to browse other gout food. But I recommend kale-related gout links below. Or use the search box near the top of each page to get information about your next food concern.

Kale and Gout Purpose

I wrote this page to support the Purpose of GoutPal.com. By giving you information about kale that you can discuss with the health professional(s) who are guiding your gout recovery plan. As we’re considering food, this affects all gout sufferers in different ways. However, this page is especially useful for:

  • GoutPal Foodies who are considering kale in their gout diet.
  • GoutPal Dieters who want to learn how kale will improve their uric acid diet.
  • GoutPal Students who are learning which uric acid treatment plan best matches their love/hatred of kale.

If you are not sure which type of gout person you are, please read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

Kale and Gout

Kale is a general name for several varieties of headless cabbage in the brassica food family.

Kale & Gout Nutrition Facts

Please remember that all nutrition values are approximate. Because nutrients are affected by many conditions. Including, variety, season, growing conditions, storage, preparation, and cooking methods. Most importantly, nutrients are always dependent on serving size. So for kale & gout nutrition facts, I use a serving size of 1 cup, which weighs around 130 grams of boiled, drained kale.

Is Kale high in Purines?

No, kale is very low in purines. Because 130 grams of kale provides 62 mg of purines. So this is in the very low purine class (less than 50 mg purines per 100 gm). More importantly, research tells us that vegetable purines have little or no effect on uric acid values compared to meat and fish[1].

Kale & Uric Acid

You must always remember that more uric acid comes from excess body weight compared to excess purine food intake. So weight control from calorie counting is very important for gout sufferers. Because excess kale might still increase your uric acid if you gain too much weight. But the good news for kale & uric acid is that 1 cup provides only 36 calories.

Is Kale Good for Gout?

Yes, kale is good for gout. Because vitamin C from vegetables is also important for gout sufferers. So it’s good to see that our standard serving of kale provides 53 mg vitamin C.

Is Kale Bad for Gout?

Finally, we should consider the alkalizing effect of eating kale. Because we know that an alkaline diet will help lower uric acid. So kale is not bad for gout. As our 1 cup serving of cooked kale has a PRAL score of -5.

Gout and Kale Studies

I have not found any specific gout and kale studies. But research on other brassicas and uric acid indicates that kale should help you lower uric acid. However, that depends on your whole diet, not just kale.

Cooked Kale - Gout Food meal photo
Is cooked kale good for your gout?

Your Gout & Kale

Now you can see that kale is good for your gout. But, you must eat kale as part of a healthy balanced diet. So if you are struggling with your foundation gout food plan, you should ask for help in the gout forum. Because as well as kale for your gout, you should eat a wide variety of vegetables.

You can also get more information by using the search box near the top of each page. So just search for kale & gout to find all the gout food facts you need.

Leave Kale and Gout to browse more Gout Brassica information.

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Kale and Gout References

  1. Choi, Hyon K., Karen Atkinson, Elizabeth W. Karlson, Walter Willett, and Gary Curhan. “Purine-rich foods, dairy and protein intake, and the risk of gout in men.” New England Journal of Medicine 350, no. 11 (2004): 1093-1103. Vegetable Purines and Gout.

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