Signs And Symptoms Of Gout

Signs and symptoms of gout
are more than a sore toe

All joints can show signs and symptoms of gout, including:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration
  • Numbness or tingling (Pins and needles)

But, many people, including some doctors, believe that gout is an inflammation of the toe. So, this can lead to doctors failing to diagnosis gout.

Here, I look at the symptoms of gout leading to diagnosis and treatment. Elsewhere, I deal with causes and remedies, including diet.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gout

Your first sign of a gout attack might be numbness or tingling (Pins and Needles). But the sensation cannot always be tied down to a specific area. For example, your foot, or even your whole leg, may feel slightly numb. Of course, many other conditions can cause this. Or sometimes slight injuries. So, are you in a high risk group for gout? Then arrange a gout test now.

Pins and Needles are common early signs of gout. Crystals get deposited in joints causing extremely painful inflammation. Many different joints can be affected. In some cases severe redness occurs, in others only slight discoloration.

Unlike other forms of arthritis, gout tends to move from joint to joint, rarely affecting more than two or three joints at a time. Sometimes you suffer with a sore foot, another time it might be a swollen ankle. Knees, elbows and hands are other common targets for swelling and soreness. As the condition progresses lumps can form under the skin. These lumps are known as tophi.

If you are displaying signs and symptoms of gout, your doctor should be able to confirm the diagnosis. But do not assume that your doctor will immediately understand your condition. Because gout has more misinformation and misunderstanding than most conditions. Surprisingly, the medical profession is not completely immune to this.

In my own case, it took almost a week of hospital observation before gout was confirmed, though the procedure is actually very simple. Because it involves drawing fluid from the joint, which is painless. Also, this procedure is known as aspiration or arthrocentesis. Then this fluid is then analyzed to confirm gout or some other disease. Such as pseudogout, which has similar signs and symptoms to gout.

What If It Is Not Gout?

Firstly, check What Is Gout, to see if you probaly have gout. If not, I’ve mentioned pseudogout, or false gout as it is sometimes called. Unfortunately, many other types of arthritis can get confused with gout. So if you’ve had joint fluid analyzed, and there are no crystals, what do you do next?

Check out this page on gout-related conditions.

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