Lingering Pain After Gout

Lingering Pain After Gout is my explanation of why you get a flare that seems to last forever. Because when you understand the reasons, it is easier for you to stop it. In particular, I look at how poorly-managed gout happens. Then see what you need to do to avoid residual pain after gout attacks.

Lingering Pain After Gout Audience

I wrote Lingering Pain After Gout mainly for Gout Patients who feel they have done everything right. But find that their gout pain remains after they have taken their usual gout relief scripts. However, it is useful for any gout sufferer who suffers lasting gout symptoms.

If you don’t know what type of gout sufferer you are I suggest you read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

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Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering?

Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering?

Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering is my featured image for Lingering Pain After Gout.

Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering image details

This image is from the final report in my lingering gout article. So it is particularly useful in identifying factors that you can control to speed up your gout recovery. Importantly, it identifies good factors to encourage and bad factors to avoid. Also, it separates factors that you must control from those you must discuss with your doctor.

Factors affecting lingering gout

Bad for Lingering Gout

Desire to self-manage
There’s nothing wrong with taking responsibility. But you will recover faster by engaging with your doctor. Also consider a Gout Mentor such as a doctors assistant, commited friend, or GoutPal.
General resistance to medication
I understand this, but the best way to stop lingering gout is a Gout Patients Plan. Then when you’ve recovered you might consider moving towards a Gout Diet Plan or Gout Herbalist Plan for ongoing maintenance.
Idea that a certain number of attacks is acceptable
The best plan includes preventative gout pain control until uric acid treatment becomes effective.
Perception of gout as acute or intermittent
This leads to treating symptoms instead of causes which encourages gout attacks to linger.
‘Wait and see’ approach
You should never let your doctor take this approach. So always insist on a plan to get your uric acid safe as soon as you can. But remember normal uric acid is not safe uric acid.

Helpful for Lingering Gout

Change in symptoms (frequency, severity, impact)
Monitor your gout symptoms every day.
Perception of gout as a chronic condition
Stop thinking about gout. Then you can focus on recovery from uric acid arthritis.
Good understanding of the condition and treatment
Use real scientific evidence from GoutPal to encourage your doctor to take lingering gout seriously.
Regular monitoring
Insist on monthly blood tests during treatment until your uric acid is safe and stable. Then increase the interval, but always get tested at least once per year.
Ongoing dialog with patient
Use the gout forum to discuss your doctor appointments. Because we can help you understand your doctor’s gout advice and help you know what to ask next.

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How Long Does Gout Last? It’s Your Call

How Long Does Gout Last is an overview of several pages that cover different aspects of gout duration. Specifically, it guides you to consider what you really mean when you ask “How Long Does Gout Last?” Then it helps you make gout recovery as fast as possible.

How Long Does Gout Last Audience

To a certain extent, I wrote How Long Does Gout Last for all gout sufferers. Because it explains gout facts to help you understand gout better. But it will not give step-by-step instructions to progress your gout management plan. So if you want to focus on practical ways to make gout go away, start with Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Mostly, I wrote this for gout sufferers who spend too long worrying how long gout lasts. Instead of realizing you control most aspects of gout duration. Therefore, read on to see why the length of gout is your call. Also, you will learn about the typical number of days, weeks, and months for different aspects of gout. Together with how to make your gout end sooner.

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How Long Does Gout Last If Untreated?

How Long Does Gout Last If Untreated reviews the science of the natural progress of gout attacks. That is, how long can a gout attack last if you do not take pain relief.

How Long Does Gout Last If Untreated Audience

I wrote How Long Does Gout Last If Untreated for anyone who wants to understand gout better. Though it does not help any specific program for different types of gout sufferer. However, a better understanding of basic principles helps all gout recovery plans.

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How Long does Gout last in Big Toe?

How Long does Gout last in Big Toe looks at gout duration in the big toe. Also, I compare this with gout duration in other parts of the body. But, more importantly, what can we do to reduce gout duration?

Gout in Big Toe Audience

I wrote How Long does Gout last in Big Toe for gout sufferers who want to understand gout pain in different joints. In particular, you will be interested in ways to reduce the length of gout attacks. But, in this article, I am not looking at gout medications that reduce pain. So, if you are looking for gout pain medications, please search using the gout search box near the top of each page.

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How long does gout flare up last?

Many gout sufferers ask how long does gout flare up last.

The short answer is three to five days. But it’s really up to you. Because you can make it last several weeks. Or, you can shorten gout flare duration to two hours.

it depends on too many different factors:

  • How long since your first gout flare?
  • How many gout flares have you had?
  • Are you treating uric acid to get it lower?
  • What gout pain medicines are you taking?

Those are the main factors, but many other things affect the length of a flare. What you must not do is ignore the gout flare, and hope that it goes away.

Read how to shorten gout flare duration

How Long Does a Gout Attack Last?

The gout support forums are often used to discuss the length of time for a gout attack.

Questions vary, but the common theme is stubborn or prolonged gout that lasts much longer than the usual three days to a week.

It goes without saying, that if gout is failing to respond to treatment, then you must see your doctor. It is perfectly possible to have some other health problem, in addition to gout. It is also possible that gout was misdiagnosed. But you may be wondering how prolonged gout attacks occur, or what specific questions to ask your doctor.

The first point to bear in mind is that gout is a progressive disease. If you do not control uric acid levels properly, gout attacks become more frequent and last longer. What appears to be 2 weeks of gout pain might well be 2 or 3 separate flares, so close together, they merge into one.

The biggest factor that affects how long a gout attack can last is your specific gout treatment.

Gout pain is caused when uric acid crystals form, and it can also occur when they dissolve. It is common for the early stages of uric acid lowering treatment to trigger gout flares. The flares from partially dissolved crystals are usually much less severe, and can easily be controlled by adequate pain relief. For this reason, I recommend you ask your doctor to provide colchicine as a preventative for two weeks whenever you start uric acid lowering treatment, or increase your dose.

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