Greek Yogurt and Gout

Greek Yogurt and Gout explains links between Greek yogurt, gout, and uric acid. Specifically, I show how Greek yogurt can be good for gout. But only if you eat it in the right way.

Greek Yogurt and Gout Audience

I wrote Greek Yogurt and Gout for GoutPal Foodies. GoutPal Foodies are gout sufferers who want to eat better gout foods. But, they do not have a healthy eating plan. So, I explain how Greek Yogurt might help gout sufferers. But, only if you incorporate it into a healthy gout foundation diet.

Are you unsure which type of gout sufferer you are? Then, before you read this article, go to Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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What Gout Foods Can I Eat?

Every gout sufferer wonders what gout foods they can eat. Typical questions are:

  • What can I eat with gout?
  • Will a certain food make gout better or worse?
  • What foods should I avoid for gout?

Gout pain makes you miserable, and when you don’t know what to eat, it just makes things worse. My best advice is not to listen to what other people tell you about gout food and diets. Gout varies a lot between different people. What suits one person is unlikely to suit you. Here are my best tips for gout diet.

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Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle

Gout diet can be complicated, but do not worry.
I am here to make it easy for you to choose food that helps your gout.

Note, it’s YOUR gout diet.

Most of what you read about gout diet does not apply to you.
Gout diet must be personal.

Gout affects everyone differently, and everyone has different tastes.
I urge you to start with what you like to eat.
I will help you find ways to eat your favorite foods that make your gout better.

Everyone seems to think that gout is a disease caused by food. It is not! Your diet can affect gout, but it is only part of the story.

In these gout diet guidelines, I explain all the different ways that food can affect gout – good and bad. These are good reference pages that reflect current scientific research. But if you do not know where to start, then the best place starts with yourself. If you go to the gout forum, tell me some facts about your gout, some ideas about your favorite foods, or some of your worries about what you can eat, I will help you find the right guidelines that suit your situation. That way, you can focus on what matters to you, and safely ignore food facts that are not relevant to your gout. All you need to do is ask about your gout diet in the gout forum.

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Coffee and Uric Acid

This is my layman’s review of a report investigating the coffee-uric acid relationship.

Like similar reports investigating coffee and gout, this is a statistical investigation looking at coffee consumption compared to uric acid levels.

After the review, I summarize what the link between coffee and uric acid means for gout sufferers.

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Gout Diet Foods To Eat: Chinese Food and Gout

Chinese food and gout is #89 in the series of top searches described in the Gout and You page.

It’s very difficult to know what people are looking for when they simply search for Chinese food. Some searches include a particular item of food, but this is too widespread for a single topic. There is absolutely no connection between food that includes Chinese in it’s name. Many names refer to historic sources that have little bearing on modern Chinese cuisine. Consider:

  • Chinese chestnuts from Nuts and Seeds food group
  • Chinese cabbage from Vegetables food group
  • Chinese noodles from Legumes or Pasta food groups
  • Chinese gooseberries from Fruit food group

As variety is very important to a healthy diet, looking at various Chinese foods might be interesting. However, it is largely meaningless. If you are concerned about specific foods, you should only look at them in the context of your total diet.

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Coffee And Gout – Great Gouty Arthritis Drinks

When looking for good gout diet foods to eat, do not forget the drinks. We all know that hydration is good for gout sufferers, but how about coffee – will it bring better hydration and lower uric acid? I have republished the following article as part of my ongoing website maintenance. Coffee and gout will move to the Gout Diet Foods To Eat pages within the Gout Diet Section.

Coffee And Gout

Coffee Consumption Lowers Uric Acid

Coffee Consumption Lowers Uric Acid

The link between coffee and gout has been the subject of a number of gout and uric acid studies.

There seems little doubt that there is a link, but more research is needed to try and determine just what that link is.

Like all statistical studies, gout sufferers need to be wary of the latest studies on gout and coffee. They only show that there is a statistical chance that drinking coffee will lower uric acid.

Of course, lowering uric acid is vital to control gout, and so this research is vital. However, you should be most concerned with your own uric acid level and how you might reduce it below 6mg/dL (350 µmol/L) or even below 5mg/dL (300 µmol/L) if you have tophi, or a few years history of gout.

Whether drinking coffee will do this for you depends entirely on your own circumstances. Frequent uric acid measurement will give you the best clue as to the effect of coffee on your own uric acid levels.

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Gout Diet Foods To Eat: Theobromine and Gout

Theobromine and gout is #87 in the Gout and You series, the top gout topics based on searches by GoutPal visitors.

Theobromine is interesting because it comes top of the foods high in uric acid list. However, this is more an anomaly about how purines are measured, rather than the ability of theobromine foods to create uric acid.

The most significant fact is: theobromine is not a food. Try ordering theobromine cake! However, if you order chocolate cake, chances are you will be getting a good helping of theobromine contained within in. As you can see from the list of theobromine foods below, chocolate and cocoa are the main sources, with tea bringing up the rear.

So, if theobromine is not a food, what is it? It belongs to a class of organic compounds called methylxanthines. These are very closely related to purines, and to xanthine oxidase (XO). XO is the enzyme that causes purines to breakdown to uric acid. Because all these substances are very closely related, measurement of total purines gets distorted. We have seen that total purines are not relevant, because vegetable purines do not readily convert to uric acid. That is why my purine rich foods table is much more relevant to gout sufferers. So, theobromine, as a vegetable purine, should not readily convert to uric acid.

Indeed, it does not, but there is a much more interesting fact about theobromine and uric acid.

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