Here are gout investigations and related articles for good gout diet foods to eat.

These articles are about foods that are beneficial to gout sufferers. Just because these are good gout diet foods, you should not base your diet around them. The best approach is to analyze your diet to ensure that it supports your gout treatment program. If there are weaknesses, you can slowly change some of your diet to replace foods that do not help you, with foods shown below.

Gout Diet Foods To Eat Reports

Coffee And Gout
A coffee and gout investigation revealing that long-term coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of gout. Though there is a statistical link, the investigation cannot say why or how coffee reduces gout.
Coffee and Uric Acid
Similar to the gout report above, this investigation confirms the link, and shows it is probably due to lower uric acid.
Protein And Gout
Totally misunderstood, protein is good for gout, with two caveats. Total protein intake has to stay within recommended nutrition limits, and it must be the right mix of protein sources. Protein from animal flesh is important unless you want to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. There is no reason why gout sufferers should avoid meat, but you must balance meat protein with protein from other sources. I am currently reviewing and summarizing my protein and gout information, and I will add reference pages here. In the meantime, just enter protein into the gout search box above and below, and start learning why protein is good for gout.
Theobromine and Gout
This topic might also be called chocolate and gout, as chocolate is the main source of theobromine. You can see other sources in my Theobromine and Gout news topic. As with protein, I am still researching facts to bring the best guidelines. In the meantime, if you need help with Good Gout Foods to Eat, please ask in the gout forums.

Gout Diet and Uric Acid Science

Gout Diet Foods To Eat: Next Steps

If you know of any good gout foods that I have missed from my list of gout diet foods to eat, please let me know. You can ask in the gout forum.

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