The term “gout diet” is overused. Unfortunately, it is also usually misinterpreted as “low purine diet”. Even that sad excuse for a gout diet is doomed to failure from day one. Because gout sufferers who get tricked into restricting purines never get encouraged to monitor the effect such changes have on their uric acid levels.

Uric Acid Diet Factors

Having said that, purine restriction can help gout recovery. But only if it is planned and managed as one of several aspects of uric acid control. Those aspects include:

  • Gout sufferer’s physical characteristics – a mix of environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors.
  • Attitude to the mix of drugs, herbs, and diet.
  • Food tastes and preferences, including any allergies.

I explain how to work with professional health advisers to manage your uric acid diet in the GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters. So you can ensure that your dietitian addresses all the important food factors that affect your uric acid. Or you might work with your doctor to ensure your diet supports your medical plan for gout recovery.

There is no single plan that fits all gout sufferers. Instead, I encourage a logical approach to help you determine which factors are important to you. Then I encourage you to create your own personal plan – working with whichever health professionals you feel most comfortable with.

2022 Update

On my new platform, I'm revising the way I present gout nutrition facts.

Uric Acid Diet Principles

We deal with the main principles of any good diet in the Gout Foundation Diet. So it goes without saying that you ensure that your gout meals meet national nutrition standards. Also that you eat food that you enjoy – otherwise you will not stick with it.

The main principles that we cover in step 3 of your Gout Dieters Plan are the 3 Ps – Purines, Proteins, and Parents. Because your uric acid diet must consider:

  1. What goes in – Purines. Discuss purine intake target.
  2. What goes out – Proteins. Discuss uricosuric protein targets.
  3. How you process it – Parents (because your genes guide uric acid production and excretion rates). Discuss balance of blocking and cleansing foods.

Ensure your health advisers have all the facts to guide your food choices. But most importantly, get uric acid tests regularly. Because you must monitor uric acid diet changes and adjust accordingly. (Just like Gout Patients must do with their allopurinol.)

Uric Acid Diet Basics - Purines Proteins Parents
Uric Acid Diet Basics – Purines Proteins Parents

Uric Acid Diet Facts List

Note that this list includes all articles that are related to uric acid diet. So it includes articles that relate to misinterpretation and mismanagement. As well as articles relating to best practice for dietary control of uric acid. Therefore, if you want to focus on that best practice you should look for GoutPal Dieter articles.

  1. Foods High in Uric Acid Chart
    August 12, 2021Foods High in Uric Acid Chart

    What are the dangers of foods high in uric acid? Are purines in food bad for your gout? Surprisingly, there are worse foods for gout. Get safe gout food now

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  2. Uric Acid Level Charts
    February 22, 2021Uric Acid Level Charts

    Uric acid level charts tell you important gout numbers. See why low, high, normal ranges are meaningless. Get uric acid level charts that help control gout now.

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  3. Mediterranean, DASH, or Alkaline Diet for Gout?
    February 10, 2021Mediterranean, DASH, or Alkaline Diet for Gout?

    Mediterranean, DASH, or Alkaline Diet for Gout explains how 3 diets help gout sufferers. Gout sufferers need easy ways to measure progress to manage gout.

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  4. GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters
    February 5, 2021GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters

    Don’t start a gout diet yet. Because you need a uric acid diet. Then you might consider anti-inflammatory diets at Step 2. Start your Gout Dieter Plan today.

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  5. Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle
    January 13, 2021Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle

    Gout diet is important, but do not be gout food obsessed. Do not waste time on uric acid foods. Focus on complete diets. Get your gout diet information now.

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  6. Granola, Oatmeal and Gout at Breakfast
    December 19, 2020Granola, Oatmeal and Gout at Breakfast

    Granola and oatmeal are popular breakfasts. But how do they affect uric acid? Sometimes it’s best to just eat healthily. Get oatmeal and gout facts today.

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  7. Why do I have Gout?
    December 19, 2020Why do I have Gout?

    You wonder why you have gout. Your friends live as you do. But without the agony of gout. They don’t have your parents. Get the truth on why I have gout.

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  8. Gout Diet Menu: Pancakes and Gout
    November 3, 2020Gout Diet Menu: Pancakes and Gout

    What is the important fact about pancakes and gout? There is no direct connection, but too many pancakes could make gout worse. Get gout and pancakes info.

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  9. Why Vegan Diet is Worst for Gout
    November 2, 2020Why Vegan Diet is Worst for Gout

    Do you know why vegan diet is worst for gout? Good gout diet means eating right and avoiding wrong. Get your vegan, vegetarian, meat, and fish gout diets.

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