Left Foot Tophi Images

This montage of Left Foot Tophi Images, is the lead illustration for Left Foot Tophi Study

The photographs show:

1. Ulcerated Left Foot Tophi before treatment
Left foot tophi photograph shows gout at it’s worst. When tophaceous gout bursts the skin, pain and risk of infection follow. See how not to manage gout.
2. Left Foot Tophi X-Ray during treatment
Left foot tophi x-ray shows the damage caused when uric acid crystals grow into the joint. Bone and other tissue destroyed. Are your joints safe from gout?
3. Left Foot Tophi Resolved after treatment
Left foot was saved from tophi damage. Complete healing could easily have been amputation. Do not risk losing feet to gout. Are your feet safe from gout?

You can read the case notes in Left Foot Tophi Study. You can see it is unclear how this happens. What matters to you, is that you must avoid this. It should be easy wit modern uric acid medication. Work with your doctor to get safe uric acid levels, and avoid potential amputation.

You can learn more about gouty tophi in the tophi guidelines.

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This image has been identified as potentially offensive. So I have replaced it in the original article with a warning sign.

However, I believe shocking gout images help Gout Victims realize the dangers of failing to treat high uric acid. So I’ve moved all similar images to Shocking Gout Images.

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