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Gout is a dangerous progressive disease. It starts with varying degrees of annoyance, frustration, or agony. Even humor in strange cases. But without treatment to make uric acid safe, gout becomes a shocking dangerous killer.

During my years of gout suffering and talking to doctors and other gout sufferers, I’ve realized there is a group of gout sufferers who I call victims. These are people who know that their uric acid level is too high. But they do not seek treatment to get their uric acid safe.

In some of my articles, I use graphic images from untreated gout to try and shock victims into taking action. Unfortunately, some people find these images offensive.

I want to help people, not offend them. So I now use this warning image in my article. But if you want to see the shocking gout images, you can scroll down to them below.

Shocking Gout Image Warning

I used an online site generator to create my gout image warning sign. Then I moved the shocking gout images to the list below.

So if you want to risk being offended, you will have to scroll down to see the images. But if you just want to read about the dangers, I have created a list of articles that used to contain shocking images.

Shocking Gout Article List

5 Ways Uric Acid Is Dangerously Painful
Uric acid, is painless. But there are five ways it can turn painful. And dangers go beyond pain. Is uric acid dangerous to you? Stop 5 dangers of uric acid. The original article includes the Tophi on Fingers image shown below.
Left Foot Tophi Study with Photographs
This left foot tophi study describes how 75-year-old man nearly lost a foot due to gout. Why risk severe pain, lost mobility, and total joint destruction. Don’t lose feet to gout. The original article includes the Left Foot Tophi image shown below.

Shocking Gout Image

This is your last warning. If you do not want to see shocking gout images, please leave to read more about GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims.

Tophi on Fingers

Do you have tophi on fingers? Be careful! They start as small lumps, but soon burst through skin. Get gout treated before your fingers look like this picture.

Left foot tophi Images show before, during and after treatment to remove large erupting tophi. This mess should never happen. Can you avoid left foot tophi?

Shocking Gout Image

If you have accepted high uric acid as something you can cope with, please think about how you will be affected when gout progresses to the stages shown above. It’s time to take action and stop being a victim. So consult your doctor or other qualified health professional today.

Leave Shocking Gout Image to read GoutPal Plan for Gout Victims.

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