Which Milk Is Good For Gout?

Which Milk Is Good For Gout is my review of the effects of milk on uric acid. Specifically, it compares milk protein and soy protein supplements.

Which Milk Is Good For Gout Audience

I wrote Which Milk Is Good For Gout for GoutPal Herbalists. Herbalists are gout sufferers who want to control uric acid using herbal gout medicines and supplements. You can check which type of gout sufferer you are at Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Which Milk Is Good For Gout

In Which Milk Is Good For Gout, I give my layman’s view of Garrel and colleagues 1991 study[1]. It compares the effects on uric acid of supplemention with 2 milk proteins. Then compares with a soy protein supplement.

Which Milk Is Good For Gout Report

The introduction summarizes raised uric acid as associated with heart disease, death, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. Then, it introduces proteins. Specifically, two milk proteins: calcium caseinate, and lactalbumin (whey protein); plus a soybean isolate supplement. The soy supplement was made from Bariatrix soy flour. Also, each supplement provided 80g protein. Note that the study excludes gout sufferers, being an investigation of 10 healthy volunteers.

Is milk good for gout?

The results show that both milk proteins significantly reduced uric acid in the blood. Conversely, soy protein increased uric acid. All three supplements improved uric acid excreted in urine (uricosuric).

So, we can say with confidence that two common milk protein supplements are good for gout. But be careful if you want to apply this to full milk. Because full milk also contains fats. So, you need to monitor full milk intake to avoid excess weight.

Which Milk Is Good For Gout Summary

The authors speculate about why milk proteins reduce uric acid. Especially compared to the opposite effect from soy protein. But, the cause is unclear. Then, they cite another study showing uric acid reduction from milk protein[2]. In summary, the conclusion from this uric acid study is clear:

proteins have an acute uricosuric effect in man, in agreement with earlier studies. In addition, we found that proteins of milk origin decrease serum uric acid concentrations.

Finally, the authors note that long-term effects of milk proteins on uric acid need to be explored.

Which Milk Is Good For Your Gout?

Now, you can see that milk proteins are good for lowering your uric acid. So, you can discuss how best to use milk proteins with your herbalist or Gout Mentor. You can also discuss milk proteins, or any aspect of your gout, in the gout forum.

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Which Milk Is Good For Gout References

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  2. Loffler W, Grobner W, Zollner N. Influence of dietary protein on
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