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I created these simple word images by overlaying text on a typical microscopic image of uric acid crystals. So you can just about see the different shading applied to uric acid crystals depending on their orientation towards the polarized light source. Because these crystals have two refractive indices, which is a property called birefringence.

This is not a vital part of understanding uric acid in order to manage gout. Except that it does underline the need to get suspected uric acid crystals analyzed by technicians with the right equipment. Because uric acid crystals are impossible to detect using standard microscopes.

Useless Uric Acid Crystal Birefringence Fact

Here’s an interesting (to me!) fact about birefringent uric acid crystals. Although it has no connection to understanding gout. Because scientists have shown that the iridescent, bi-colored properties of scarab beetles are due to uric acid[1-2].
Specimens of golden-like and red Chrysina aurigans ((a) & (b)), and golden- and silver-like Chrysina chrysargyrea ((c) & (d)) scarab beetles.

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Uric Acid Crystal Images References

  1. Caveney, S. “Cuticle reflectivity and optical activity in scarab beetles: the role of uric acid.” Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 178, no. 1051 (1971): 205-225.
  2. Vargas, W. E., Marcela Hernández-Jiménez, E. Libby, D. E. Azofeifa, C. Barboza, and Ángel Solís. “Light reflection by cuticles of Chrysina jewel scarabs: optical measurements, morphology characterization, and theoretical modeling.” Optics and Photonics Journal 6, no. 07 (2016): 146.

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