Hyperuricemia means uric acid levels that are too high. So, now we must ask: how high is too high?

In these hyperuricemia guidelines, I look at all aspects of excess uric acid, which should help you understand your gout, and make it easier for you to discuss high uric acid with your doctor. Note that hyperuricemia is a medical term for high uric acid. In these pages, I look at medical and other scientific literature to explain the nature of hyperuricemia, and it’s relationship to gouty arthritis.

These explanations help you understand gout better. However, if you are looking for practical help to manage gout, you will get that in other sections:

  1. To understand what high uric acid is, and how to manage it’s causes, see my Gout Symptoms guidelines
  2. To find remedies that will lower uric acid when it is too high, see my Gout Treatment guidelines
  3. For dietary changes that can help high uric acid, see my Gout Diet guidelines
Do you have Hyperuricemia chart
Do you have Hyperuricemia?

What Is Hyperuricemia

There is no “official” answer to What is Hyperuricemia?, though the most common definition is above 7mg/dL.

Hyperuricemia definitions vary, so here are a collection of articles that give you examples of how different levels apply in different situations.

Gout Without Hyperuricemia
The common message is: you can’t get gout if you don’t have hyperuricemia. This case study shows us that is not always true. Can you get gout when uric acid is normal? Certainly! Learn how gout happens despite normal urate. See how to recognize and control gout without hyperuricemia.

There is no need to be confused by conflicting views. All that really matters is that you know your own uric acid level, and have a good plan to control it

Hyperuricemia and Gout

These pages explain the relationship of hyperuricemia and gout.

Clinical Manifestations Of Hyperuricemia And Gout
Gout And Hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia Symptoms& Causes

Symptoms and causes of hyperuricemia.

Drug Induced Hyperuricemia & Gout

Hyperuricemia and gout: Some medications can ‘precipitate’ gout.

Asymptomatic hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia Treatment

Treating hyperuricemia is little different than treating gout. These studies include some specific references to hyperuricemia.

Treatment of hyperuricemia in patients with gout
Briefing document for febuxostat license application.

Hyperuricemia And Other Illnesses

Hyperuricemia and hypertension
Hyperuricemia and Stress
Psychosomatic Considerations in Hyperuricemia and Gout

Hyperuricemia: Next Steps

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If you have any current issues understanding hyperuricemia, or any interesting experiences or opinions to share, please join the gout forum.

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