I love running my gouty arthritis websites to provide help for gout sufferers and their carers.

I provide gout help freely, relying on advertising to pay the costs of running the website. I’m lucky that some people want to help me in return, so this page tells you how.

I’m starting with cash to get it out of the way first. I’m not motivated by money, but if you have any to spare, I’ll never refuse it 🙂

My motivation is to help my fellow gout sufferers. You can help me do that in various ways. I’ve suggested some here. Please let me know if you think of other ways we can provide help for gout sufferers.

Some gout forum contributors have complained that I hide my light too often. They get help here far beyond what they get from medical professionals, and they want to thank me in cash. I have no problem with that. I do not expect donations, but I’m always happy to receive them. Please send whatever suits you using the button on the right.

Spread The Word

Perhaps you have friends, relatives, or medical advisers who might benefit from GoutPal. If so, please encourage them to visit. If you’ve had particularly successful experiences fighting gout as a result of my advice, why not share that through letters to your local newspapers, radio, TV, etc?

Help For Gout In The Forum

If you’ve learned valuable information, please take some time to provide help for gout sufferers in the gout support forum.

Help For Gout By Promoting GoutPal

The best way you can help GoutPal is to encourage your friends and associates to spread the word. I mentioned this above, and I will expand on that here.

Other gout websites are funded by rich pharmaceutical companies, or profits from tricking you into spending cash on meaningless products and useless information. They have lots of money to spend on marketing, and lots of reasons to do so. Few of these reasons are to help you find permanent ways to fix gout and enjoy life, but that is the only reason for GoutPal. So please Like GoutPal On Facebook.

Here are things that help gout sufferers. Please encourage gout patients or their carers and medical professionals to:

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