Gouty Tophus On Elbow Photograph

Gouty Tophi On Elbow is the third of four photographs from the Widespread Painless Tophi Report.

The report highlights the dangers of simply focusing on pain relief for gout management. Tophi do not usually hurt. You might not ever suspect that you have gout. This form of painless gout means your elbow might be being destroyed slowly by gouty tophi. If left too long, your elbow will start to crumble causing osteoarthritis.

Don’t risk it – get uric acid controlled to safe levels.

Gouty Tophus On Elbow Photograph Details

This photograph is from the tophi case study Painless nodules over joints with ulceration. The full report is at doi:10.1136/bcr.07.2011.4548 and this photograph is at figure 2, labeled Gouty tophy [sic] on elbow..

Tophy? Perhaps they couldn’t decide if it was a single gouty tophus, or a bunch of gouty tophi. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You will be calling it agony if you do not act now.

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