Gouty Tophi In Toe Photograph

This photograph of gouty tophi in the toe is from a gout symptoms forum contributor. I use the picture in the tophi guidelines to show how bad gout can get if you do not make uric acid safe.

Peter describes the gouty tophi in his toe:

My middle toe on my left foot had a white lump which I now know was a sure sign, but I put it down to bad fitting shoes.

After a while the lump burst and crystals formed on top. […]

This seems a different way of expressing it to anything I can find here.

I have had the tophi scraped off several times which was rather painful process, and as I have been unable to wear shoes (too painful) for over 7 months, my toe keeps getting infected.

My main aim in life is for the wounded toe to repair and once again be able to put on shoes.

Fortunately, Peter reported that the tophi did shrink after 9 months of uric acid lowering treatment

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