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Gout Diet is part of Management Plan is my featured image for GoutPal Dieters Plan Intro Resources. Because that gout diet list only helps you when you understand the importance of good gout management.

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Thanks to Terkeltaub and colleagues for the partial image from their gout management handbook[1].

A discussion about diet is very important. Many restrictive and unpalatable diets have been touted for gout. The essence of what most gout patients need is a sensible, calorie-restrained or calorie-restricted diet that minimizes red meat, shellfish, starches, and alcohol.

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To continue managing your gout diet, see Gout Diet Management or Gout Diet List.

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Gout Diet Management References

  1. Terkeltaub, Robert, and N. Lawrence Edwards. Gout: diagnosis and management of gouty arthritis and hyperuricemia. Professional Communications, 2011.

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