Monitor Your Gout Pain chart

Monitor Your Gout Pain chart is my featured image to illustrate Monitor Your Treatment Of Gout.

To ensure that treatment of gout is successful, your symptoms have to be monitored. Many people are aware that you need to monitor uric acid when you have gout. This image emphasizes that you should also monitor gout pain symptoms.

You should take the time to assess any pain or discomfort during treatment of gout. You should make a note of which parts of your body are affected by pain, itching, redness, or swelling. Monitoring your gout symptoms gives you the best chance of quick gout recovery. You can record your symptoms in your personal gout profile.

The scale I’ve shown here is a general purpose pain scale. There are also gout-specific scales for measuring gout symptoms. So you can ask your doctor about those or ask in the gout forum.

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