Gout and Veal Photo

My Veal and Gout article explains all about the links between veal and gout. It prompted me to produce comprehensive gout foods tables for meat, and you can see nutritional values in the gout foods table list for veal.

There is more general information about the right approach to gout diet in the Gout Foods guidelines

Veal and Gout Photograph details

I searched Getty Images for veal, and chose this image. It shows what I believe is the best way to eat veal. Combine it with at least three times as much vegetables, and you have a meal with plenty of veal flavor, but without the intense animal purines that make gout worse. Personally, I’d serve that delicious veal stew with a side of cabbage to get even better nutritional balance.

Photo credit: My thanks to lois.slokoski.photography for veal soup making. The photograph shows pieces of veal and various vegetables in a pot and on a wooden table.

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