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Gout triggers are one of the most misunderstood aspects of gout. This can lead to bad management of gout, and bad management means more misery.

You do not need to suffer from gout. You need to control it, but that is difficult if you do not understand gout triggers.

This photograph forms the featured image for my gout triggers article. You should read that article to make sure you understand what trigger gout.

Many gout sufferers get confused between what triggers gout, and what triggers a gout attack. This is all part of the confusion about referring to gout triggers. One of the gout myths is the belief that gout comes and goes. It is a myth that gout goes away, then comes again from a particular gout trigger. I find gout myths useful to help you understand what gout is, by explaining what it is not. You can read more about this in my What Is Gout Guidelines.

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Photo credit: jppi from morguefile.com

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