How Exercise Reduces Uric Acid Chart

How Exercise Reduces Uric Acid Chart is my featured image for Gout and Exercise to reduce Uric Acid.

How Exercise Reduces Uric Acid Chart details

I created this chart using data from a gout study referred to in my Gout and Exercise article:
Yuan, Shu, Zhong-Wei Zhang, and Zi-Lin Li. “Antacids’ side effect hyperuricemia could be alleviated by long-term aerobic exercise via accelerating ATP turnover rate.” Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 99 (2018): 18-24.

In that study, 10 people were monitored during a daily jogging exercise. So I took the before and after data for each individual and charted the percentage uric acid reduction in descending order.

As you can see, there are significant differences in uric acid reduction. However, I feel this information is particularly useful because:

  • All participants achieved uric acid reductions.
  • Whilst not evaluated, there is a general trend towards higher percentage reduction where starting uric acid is highest. However, you can see this is not a fixed rule, so you must track your own progress carefully.

The authors of this report highlight that it is a small study. Therefore you should see it as an indication of what some gout sufferers might achieve. Rather than as general guidance for all gout sufferers.

Most importantly, you must consult your doctor before starting this type of exercise program. In particular, you might ask for x-ray, ultrasound, or other scans of your joints. Because uric acid can weaken your joints, so gout sufferers need to be wary of exercises that might add stress to damaged joints.

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