Introducing new gout medicine ideas from existing asthma relief meds, for helping gout pain relief with indomethacin.

New gout medicine ideas can be found in many different places.

Today, I look at how montelukast, an anti-inflammatory asthma treatment might also help gout sufferers.

Before I begin, I must point out that this is a very early look at the potential for an existing asthma relief to assist gout pain relief. The investigation is based on induced gout in mice, and is far from the stages of being an accepted gout treatment. If trials on people are ever introduced, I will provide further information on my reference pages for new gout medicine. At the moment, this is only a potential for further research. Furthermore, it is only aimed at pain relief, and your treatment plan should focus on uric acid lowering treatment, with some provision for pain relief during the first few months. Once uric acid lowering has been successful, there is no further need for pain relief, so you will not need the potential benefits featured in this article.

Earlier this year, scientists in Venezuela investigated the effects of montelukast on gout [1]. They explained that indomethacin reduces inflammation as a COX inhibitor. However, there is another type of inflammation associated with gout, the lipoxygenase pathway, and indomethacin has no effect on that. Montelukast, which is commonly used to relieve asthma, inhibits lipoxygenase activity which blocks the synthesis of leukotrienes – molecules that trigger swelling and inflammation.

The investigation shows that montelukast appears to have a better anti-inflammatory effect in gouty arthritis compared to indomethacin. Moreover, the combination of both treatments is even more effective.

We must remember that this experiment uses mice that have gout induced by artificially depositing uric acid crystals. I am not aware of any human trials, but if they do start, I will monitor the progress and report back to you.

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  1. Title: The effect of montelukast in a model of gouty arthritis induced by sodium monourate crystals. Authors: Ponce L, Arjona M, Blanco G, Alvarez S, Arcila E, Ortega A, Nuñez D, Verzura J, Tovar R, Bethencourt S, Riera R, Mora-Orta S, Corado J. Published: Invest Clin. 2011 Mar;52(1):15-22. Gout And Montelukast

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