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    [admin: faulty links removed]

    The treatment consists of implanting a small capsule under the skin which would have genetically engineered cells taken from the patient themselves and would work to regulate uric acid levels in the blood.

    Fussenegger’s team(ETH Zurich) have developed a mechanism for controlling the level of gout in the blood. The mechanism was tested in mice who didn’t have the ability to produce urate oxidase. Consequently, the mice were unable to regulate the level of uric acid within their bodies and developed problems in their joints. The mechanism essentially works by sensing the level of uric acid in the blood. When the levels are low, it inhibits the activity of the gene responsible for creating urate oxidase. When the levels are high, the gene is left free to produce urate oxidase until the levels drop and then the activity of the gene is blocked. This leads to the regulation of uric acid in the body. The researchers found that the uric acid level in mice was about 5 milligrams per decilitre, which is lower the than the 6 mg/dl limit beyond which uric acid crystallization occurs.

    THE PROBLEM IS THIS RESEARCH WAS PUBLISHED IN 2010 AND THEN IT WAS BEING SAID THAT HUMAN TRIALS WOULD BE STARTED, but I have been searching for more information on this issue and have found nothing till now. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFORMATION? I WANTED TO ALERT PEOPLE ABOUT THIS NEW DISCOVERY. Please go through the article links listed at the top of my post. THIS IS LIKELY TO BE A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO GOUT.



    Great info, i would love to hear about progress with this treatment.


    I am myself searching for leads regarding this issue. This is the man(Dr. Martin Fussenegger) who heads the research:

    Prof. Dr. Martin Fussenegger
    ETH Zurich
    Prof. Dr. Martin Fussenegger
    Dep. Biosysteme
    phone +41 61 387 31 60
    fax +41 61 387 39 88
    mail [email protected]

    I actually sent a mail but haven’t received a response yet. If anyone gets more information please tell me. Since this is a site of people suffering from gout, I felt that I should post the information here so that more people can become aware that a cure is quite likely around the corner and they can make inquires of their own doctors and friends about this research. I should like to know at what stage this research is, since it worked quite well with mice.


    As the links in the original post are all bad links, I have removed them. Because the links are to non-existent sources, I am unable to see why you believe human trials are likely in the foreseeable future.

    The latest research study published for this project, Biomedically relevant circuit-design strategies in mammalian synthetic biology, makes it clear that this technology is in it’s infancy. Related research, Synthetic Genomics and Synthetic Biology Applications Between Hopes and Concerns notes that there are still huge ethical matters to resolve before we can think about starting human trials.

    It’s easy to get excited about cutting-edge research, but please don’t let it blind you to the basic etiquettes of forum contributions. Excessive capitalization, cross-posting, broken links, and poor topic subjects will not help your gout, or anyone else’s.

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