GoutPal is here to help you know what questions to ask your doctor about gout, and to help you understand the answers.

You can also share your gouty views and experiences with other gout sufferers.

If you like reading about how to manage gout, please carry on. If you need urgent help now, please just ask about gout.

The best information is in the gout guidelines on GoutPal.com. Those guidelines are a great way to learn about gout, understand what you need to talk to your doctor about, and know what you need to do to control your gout. However, there are many aspects of controlling gout that are strictly personal. You might be unsure what your personal choices are, and you might need help making those choices.

This website helps you make the personal choices that you need to turn a general gout management plan into your gout management plan. I offer different levels of service to suit whatever you need. You can become a GoutPal member, or get help anonymously. See my membership options page for details of ways to manage gout.

How To Manage Gout

Whichever service level you choose, you should be guided by good principles of gout management. This How To Manage Gout explains those gout management principles. It explains:

  • Which relevant facts you should record in your Personal Gout Profile and discuss with your doctor.
  • How to ask questions in the gout forum or at your doctor.
  • Where you can find existing relevant discussions.
  • Which Personal Gout Management Plans will help.

How To Manage Gout

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How To Manage Gout Symptoms

How To Manage Gout Treatment

Gout Attack
How to use your personal gout profile to manage gout attacks. Includes recording how gout treatments affect gout attack duration and intensity. Gout Attacks are also called gout flares and are known medically as acute gout. You can use your gout profile to help assess gout flares prior to treatment. Also use it during treatment to record how different treatments help to control your gout attack.

How To Manage Gout Diet

Gout Management Reorganization

I am currently reorganizing this section. I will review all the gout topics listed and linked to below. I will summarize them in the new format.

GoutPal.com Guidelines Description Questions Archive
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Gout Treatment:- Vital Help To Choose Right Gout treatments, remedies and medicines to cure or relieve the symptoms of gout. This includes natural therapies as well as orthodox medication, from your choice of gout treatment to how best to apply it. Everything to do with treating gout. Gout Treatment Answers
Gout Diet:- Do Not Be Fooled By Purines & Other Gout Food Myths Gout diet, food, drink and related topics that treat gout by means of lifestyle improvements. This includes gout recipes and exercise, covering both benefits of positive practices as well as avoiding negative influences. Everything to do with gout diet and related lifestyle topics. Gout Diet Answers