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  • A list of discussions relating to tophi removal by surgery or otherwise. Including burst tophi and draining a gouty tophus.

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    Tophaceous Gout Facts Tophaceous Gout Facts

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    Tophi Removal Surgery

    If your doctor advises surgery for tophi removal, they should also prescribe uric acid treatment. That involves getting uric acid down to safe levels. But you should discuss your medical history with your doctor. So you jointly decide if your safe target is 5 or 6 mg/dL. Then start that treatment as soon as possible. Because there is no reason to wait for surgery to be completed before starting uric acid treatment.

    Gouty Tophi Removal Without Surgery

    In fact, many patients see tophi begin to shrink after a few weeks or months of uric acid treatment. So you should also discuss with your doctor gouty tophi removal without surgery.

    Tophi Removal & Surgery Discussion List

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Viewing 7 topics - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)